Review: Injustice: Year Three #9 – Ghostly Consequences


One big turn of events after the other, and as usual nothing is as it seems on the surface in the world of Injustice. Last issue pretty much was an emphasis on the type of person that Constantine really is. The kind of guy that even on a team will go off on his own and risk the lives of those who come to help him. Well not risk their lives, but surely put his own before theirs. What could have been a defining moment for the con man ended up being a moment of shame when he finds himself faced with all of Superman’s heavy hitters ready to tear him apart.

Injustice Year Three #9 int pg.5With that said, it is still uncertain how to know these things about Constantine and not wonder why there wasn’t heavier surveillance on his actions. Surely at some point you do wonder if this could have been avoided, though just for what actually did happen you can overlook that to some extent.

While this issue of Injustice was a quick read, two things you do take out of it that you enjoy from a comic standpoint, and from a gamer’s standpoint. The first being Billy whose loyalty is tested in this issue. For a gamer his fate is already known and despite knowing this you appreciate getting the deeper story as to how unmoving Billy is in his stance that Superman is right. Definitely that character who Tom Taylor is smart to keep in a role of importance when someone has to be that voice of reason. Surely everyone else around Superman at this time will not. Then we have the mystery behind The Spectre. Obviously from how this issue ended there is more to this guy than you think. It just makes you question everything you know about The Spectre and what he really gets out of taking Superman’s side.

Visually this issue took a dark turn. From the grey skies above to the bleak corners of Billy’s mind you knew that bad things were in store for everyone. Not too much stands out visually aside from that and the intimidating presence of Superman and his team. None beyond Billy come off friendly and The Spectre of course catches your eye most when he carries that very dark smile. One that hides a darker secret which will probably be revealed the next issue.

Injustice: Year Three #9 is an eye opener that it doesn’t matter how much good Superman tries to do if the people around him can’t be trusted.

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Not bad, though not too much you take out of this issue. More of a set-up for the next.

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