Review: Injustice Year Two #11 – Crossing That Line


Things have really escalated

The previous issue of Injustice Year Two ended with the death of Ch’p by the hands of Sinestro. One which has sparked a fight which can only end with loss on either side. When walking that fine line between good and evil, Tom Taylor does so knowing where that will lead every character that finds themselves on that path. In the case of the Green Lanterns, Superman, Sinestro and friends, they all do this knowing that there’s no turning back for them.

Injustice Year 2_011This issue of Injustice is a fairly quick read considering the conflict at hand. At this point there shouldn’t be much expectation of how much happens in a single issue due to it being digital though you still are left wanting to see a little more here and there. Mostly dealing with the fight on Earth. With that said, hope is still held in seeing someone ask what happened to Kyle. Obviously at this point Sinestro’s out looking for blood against the Green Lanterns, so that should lead to that question coming up again. Aside from this the story is pretty much progressing the way it should in terms of Superman’s side of it. If anything just because of the trouble that finds its way to Superman makes his part’s the most exciting. You don’t know what will come next and his decisions are important in the long run.

The progression of the GCPD’s story is a slow burn, though it’s good to see that their role is becoming more active. One of the first questions we had is the consequence of a peacekeeping force powered by those super pills, and now that is being addressed as the GCPD plan their strategy against them. We see what problems come with them, the GCPD see them, and now that reaction to it is what we should see acted upon soon.

Bruno Redondo and Rex Lokus’s handle on all these Lanterns is fairly astounding. The perspective sticks out as well as they make sure that what is most important is bold, while everything and everyone else is a bit more faded even if just behind someone like Superman or Sinestro.

With the conclusion of Injustice Year Two #11, you can see where Superman is starting to find himself crossing that line between good and bad. The tough decisions he has to make in order to create the peaceful world he’s pursuing is what we want to see at times like this. He’s hurt, vulnerable and enough so that someone like Sinestro can tell him everything he wants to hear or needs to hear in order to manipulate him. We all know what this is all leading to, but how the characters figure it all out is what makes it real. One of the better qualities of the storytelling seen in Injustice.

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What Superman does at this point is why you want to stay tuned for whatever Tom Taylor throws at you with this series.

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