Review: Injustice: Year Two #12 – War is Coming


The game changer

With Injustice: Year Two #12 we see moves made between Superman and Gordon to assure their sides of this conflict stand unopposed. Nothing too big happens in this issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important for setting up what’s to come next. Tom Taylor continues to gives us both the expected and unexpected of these characters. There’s always room for both and he finds a good balance between that to make sure Injustice is that book which remains fresh with each passing issue.

Injustice Tear Two-Cv6-95180Superman’s side of the story is one which for the best keeps you on your toes as they deal with the Green Lanterns. From the very start when they entered the fray, there was no concern as to whether or not they could beat Superman, it was a matter of wondering how they’d lose. We should all know by now that was a lost fight and the bigger question was of the Green Lantern’s fate after the fight. Tom Taylor toy’d with the idea and that is what made this exciting. It’s not as if Superman could have killed them himself if he felt like it, but we also have Sinestro whispering in his ears, telling him everything he thinks he needs to hear.

Sinestro’s part in general in Injustice is one you have to appreciate as that third-party trying to take advantage of the situation. Superman V.s Batman would have been too straightforward to be honest. When you throw the Lanterns into the mix, you create something grander as you know they each have their own agendas. It has been made clear that they aren’t to be 100% trusted, though in some way everyone is guilty of something despite their intentions. Motivations make the best character moments, there is no lack of that and this is another issue that adds significance to it.

This in particular is directed towards Gordon as he steps up the resistance. Of everyone involved, he, the GCPD, and the citizens of Gotham probably have the cleanest hands in this situation. We see what they’re fighting against and there’s justification for their outcry against their protectors.

If anything stood out in this issue visually, it was definitely the way in which the more human parts were handled. Seeing all those officers in one place and their various expressions throughout was captured very well. You’d expect that kind of emotional reaction from them when put in this position.

In the end, Superman having to decide the fate of the Green Lantern Corps was the highlight of Injustice: Year Two #12. Gordon creating his resistance to stand against the protectors is the reason you want to pick up the next issue. A war is brewing, it’s inevitable, and it will be big. There pretty much is no reason for anyone to doubt that what’s to come won’t catch you off guard.
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This issue is a game changer, though not in the way you'd expect.

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