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It will be said over and over. Injustice is one of DC’s best books out there that people need to read. Injustice Year Two #13 makes you happy, and it makes you feel sad. The team behind this book are doing things you aren’t getting from the rest out there right now. Maybe Earth 2 is taking the same risks, but that is a given considering Tom Taylor handles that book as well. With this issue of Injustice in particular, you could not have asked for a more exciting issue involving. Black Canary and Harley Quinn simultaneously battling and bonding in the Green Arrow’s former headquarters.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 013-000The sentimental value of this issue is very high. Starting off making you laugh, and then in an instant throwing you aboard the feels train. Not many times I will use that word, but just about everyone reading this issue is saying the same thing. You would not expect this out of Harley Quinn and with what little time she’s had in Injustice, she was stand out in almost every way. Showing us how funny she can be, how deadly she can be, and then throwing us all off guard by showing us the side of her that actually feels regret. If you were in support of Superman before this issue, it’s hard not to say to yourself that you don’t want to see these two kick his ass for taking someone close to them both.

The humor stood out most. In particular those first moments of action between Harley and Black Canary. That was a classic Harley moment and it stuck.

Injustice really is becoming its own world with every passing issue. We know things are different from the main continuity, but not to the extent we have seen. There’s such a level of creativity here with their stories that you can’t help but believe it. For someone like myself not entirely seasoned with a good number of DC characters, I read this learning a bit more about some of them and more. Even if it just counts for this world you can tell there’s enough knowledge of their pasts to create events that make sense.

For how fast each issue tends to read, this was an emotional roller-coaster at it’s finest. You can see it in their faces.The artists have never failed capturing the expressions needed to sell these moments and this was no exception to that. Harley was goofy, Harley was sad, and Harley was determined. Such a spectrum of changes that only this conflict could bring about in heroes and villains alike.

Injustice Year Two #13 is one of those issues of this series that you don’t want to miss or overlook. It doesn’t matter that it side tracked from what was going on in the previous issues. This was necessary and funny enough that you realize that a lot of Injustice carries entertainment value. We could want things to keep moving progressively, but where’s the fun in that if you can’t stop to smell the roses?

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Harley Vs. Black Canary, is there any reason not to pick this up?

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