Review: Injustice: Year Two #16 – Inevitability


Unless you’ve been living under a cave, war is coming for the world of Injustice, and everybody prepares for the worst to come. That is what makes Injustice such a great series, some things will be predictable, many things will be unexpected, and much more is inevitable. Tom Taylor has a mixed bag of tricks and it’s all about putting the right pieces into play and when. We have seen different parts of Injustice: Year Two and from different perspectives as well. Now everything is coming full circle for an end to this year that will be explosive.

Injustice Year 2_016Despite not much really happening in this issue, it’s always about the steady pacing that keeps you interested in the story. There will be points of action, times of subtlety, drama, and whatever else happens in between. Even when it looks like nothing is happening, it is all development towards what’s really important. With both years so far for Injustice, there is a definite beginning and an end for them that you appreciate. We see how Tom Taylor has something which defines them and doesn’t lose focus of that till the very conclusion making sure that the next year produces something new to offer. Injustice: Year Two has been all about reactions to what Superman has done, from different perspectives as well. Physically or mentally everyone is having something to give, and more specifically the resisting side has a rebellion to send in Superman’s direction that he won’t see coming considering their sudden change in power.

The one thing that of course may disappoint you is that this rebellion that has been building up throughout year two, you possibly don’t see as much of it as you might want to. Not a big problem, but its something anyone can feel if that was the side of this story they took the most interest in.

Nothing to point out entirely when it comes to the interior art. Everything is pretty much as consistent as before in terms of quality. Xermanico is good enough that you just barely notice this is a change in artists from before. What stands out to you visually is the Lanterns’ part in which we see Guy Gardner bringing an entire planet to attack Superman.That you don’t see coming and you know they mean business when Mogo is involved.

Injustice: Year Two #16 revs up the series for another big conclusion that might end in casualties on both sides. They all know the risk and do so knowing some may not see the sun rise the next day. It makes it that much easier for Tom Taylor to construct a confrontation in which he doesn’t have to pull punches. And we don’t want to see him pull punches in a world where almost anything goes. It’s what separates Injustice from the rest out there that DC offers.

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War is coming and with a build up like this, you hope it is one that delivers.

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