Review: Injustice: Year Two #18 – Starting With A Bang


Just as I said, Injustice: Year Two #18 starts us off with a bang. Well technically the end of last issue started us off with a bang, but here we get to see the damage that was really done. Tom Taylor is bringing us closer to that conclusion to Year Two and now that the series is weekly, the anticipation is that much stronger to see what happens next.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 018-000Again you see just what happens when no punches are pulled in Injustice. These are the Yellow Lanterns we are talking about and Mogo is able to take them on all by himself. Me and a friend were fairly sure that Mogo might just be the first to go, and we were proven wrong in an instant. That’s the thing you love about a story like this, anything can happen, and dead means dead. With every passing issue the stakes are raised and everyone has a stake in this fight.

Aside from the actual Harley Quinn series, you have to love the way she as a character has been handled lately. Between Tom Taylor and Jimmy Palmiotti, they have proven that she is in fact one of the most hilarious characters out there when written right. This is a very serious moment for everybody in the Injustice Universe, and with the inclusion of Harley Quinn in such a major role, you are able to still have fun with it all. She does, so why can’t you? The only question I did have was seeing Harley taking a second pill and if the effects wear off. Catwoman as well stood out in this issue. She has played a more heroic role in this world and you love it because her perspective on things that are usually black and white feels more sincere. She’s not blindly in love with Batman, but she also is loyal enough to voice where she stands to those she believes have betrayed him. Something which made her confrontation with Damien that much better.

Also the reveal as to who is helping the Resistance was sadly obvious for those who played the game, but even with that said you enjoy what that reveal leads to. We’ll see just how far someone will go in order to save those that are closest to them.

This is one of the most action-packed issues in the series and the best way to begin closing Year Two. From the light show Mogo put on to the big bang that started the fight on the ground level, it was all in your face. The consistency is the same with the colors and strength of their use.

Injustice: Year Two #18 is the beginning of the end and pushing characters to make characters that much more difficult of decisions. It’s take no prisoners and pretty much everyone has taken their side. For us we should definitely stick with this and bare in mind not to attach ourselves to any of these characters because anyone of them could be the next to bite the dust, that is if you are reading this and haven’t played the game.

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You'll be shocked, you'll smile, and you'll certainly be taken back by the intensity of this war.

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