Review: Injustice: Year Two #19 – Fear Over Will


Hal Jordan vs. Guy Gardner. Ganthet vs. Sinestro. Tom Taylor could not have given you a better reason to pick up Injustice: Year Two #19. The end comes closer, but not without throwing more surprises at us, and more Harley Quinn for those who can’t get enough of her humor. We are reaching that climax and things are going to get shaken up for the best.

Injustice Year Two #19 HarleySinestro has played a big role in this year of Injustice. Tom Taylor has done a great job showing the type of person Sinestro is when it comes to taking advantage of an opportunity that can’t be passed up. With everything going on since Superman took over, it’s as if someone set off a beacon of fear for Sinestro to follow and attach himself to. He obviously doesn’t want to let go and is doing whatever he can to make sure things go his way. He’s manipulated, killed, done everything to get his way without making it look as if he really has something to gain from this conflict. He’s the one guy who can get his hands dirty without having a conscious get in the way. The best thing from his involvement has been the fact that Superman doesn’t trust him, has every reason not to, and yet still does because despite everything you know about Sinestro he’s loyal. That makes him more dangerous than anyone else in this story at the moment.

This is the focus needed on Hal Jordan as well. We tend to forget that he’s just as broken as Superman and you want to see where his head really is at when the time calls for action. He’s in a vulnerable state which has been exploited, leading to an end we did not see coming. Seeing this conflict with the Green Lantern’s is just as interesting because just as Sinestro is loyal to Superman for now, the Green Lanterns are the same to the Guardians and would not hesitate to take down Hal who they all say is the best of them.

It’s nice to see Mike S. Miller back on art with his edgy style. Especially when you want to show how far Hal has gone to lose himself to a power he didn’t expect to wield in this war. Aside from this the accompaniment of Rex Lokus’ colors is great when it comes to showing off the amount of power the Lanterns possess. You can just tell there will be some collateral damage wherever they are

At the finish of this issue, there is a feeling that you may wish certain fights you could see in-depth. Sure time won’t exactly permit that kind of focus, but with so many great fights you’ve already seen in the Injustice series it’s something you can’t help but want. With that said, Injustice: Year Two #19 gives us an end that makes you excited for what’s to come next. Obviously things are about to get very intense between the Lanterns and it will not end well, that much is assured unless you need to flip back to Mogo annihilating a quarter of the Yellow Lanterns in a single blast of willpower.

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Bring about an interesting development. For all that's mentioned about evil superman, no one talks about Hal Jordan

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