Review: Injustice: Year Two #20 – Last Stand


There are certain issues of the Injustice series that just have you feel all kinds of emotions when you reach that last page, this is one of them. In this issue of Injustice: Year Two, Commissioner Gordon makes his last stand in the Watchtower. We pretty much know what that means for the man, but it doesn’t stop everything in-between from catching you off guard for how heartfelt things got. Tom Taylor has made it pretty clear that things aren’t sunshine and rainbows in the world of Injustice, some don’t get that memo, though this is a wake up call to those who still don’t.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 020-000Commissioner Gordon has been the voice of the people since Superman’s Regime started taking over the world. An impressive push against a force that is well beyond what they could have expected in strength. More so when you find out that Gordon has cancer, yet is still testing his own limits by being on the front line to this very point. What’s great about his character in this series is that nothing changes about him aside from his cancer, in fact him dying of cancer gives Gordon that motivation to do more than he ever has. He’s that human element to this story that was necessary to remind the readers what is at stake if they allow Superman’s regime to control their lives. Then those final moments you see him in this issue as he speaks with Barbara, that was just as emotional as the moment we got not too long ago between Harley and Black Canary. With all the fighting, these are the small things you appreciate tossed in to say these are all people beyond the mask.

Now with that all said I do still have to mention what little we see of the battle between the Green Lanterns. Yellow Lanterns and Superman in the skies above. You expect things to somewhat go south for the Green Lanterns, though it is just as interesting to see how. Tom Taylor shows that he understands what makes a Lantern dangerous, and what makes them just as vulnerable as the rest. The battle between the Green and Yellow Lanterns spreads out around the world, yet that’s where Tom Taylor displays what I said. Yellow Lanterns are calculating, Green Lanterns are powerful, though split up the Green Lanterns and anything goes from there. Now again not much happened with this area so it leaves you anticipating how things end between them. Obviously it won’t be pretty.

Getting back to Commissioner Gordon, visually you are sold on his part of this issue. Bruno Redondo brings out that look of struggle on his face as Gordon inches closer to death. Certain artists that rotate for this series work for the certain parts they cover, this was Bruno Redondo’s time and nailed it. Aside from this Rex Lokus makes the digital fight between Oracle and Cyborg look cool. Still a good consistency with the colors adding depth and variation to a lot which could come off flat without.

It’s very hard to say there was anything wrong with Injustice: Year Two #20. With so much that happens, you take it all in and can’t believe this is all really happening. And it can only happen in a world such as Injustice. Whatever comes next might be hard to top this, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be any less exciting as we reach the climax of Year Two.

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You knew it was coming, but you didn't think it would hit you this hard. When a character is gone, you are surely made to care.

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