Review: Injustice: Year Two #21 – Rise And Fall


With Injustice: Year Two #19 we saw a big change in Hal Jordan as Ganthet stripped him of his Green Lantern ring, leaving him with only the power of the Yellow Lantern to turn to. Again the focus we needed on Hal Jordan as a major player in Injustice. It’s an interesting development as that puts Ganthet in a position of authority where he now takes a direct hand in the battle. You almost forget how powerful the Guardians are till Injustice: Year Two #21 and Tom Taylor gives you a reason to fear him.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 021-000While you want to root for Hal Jordan, this conflict created leaves you with a want to see what happens when Ganthet starts getting serious. Of course not before confronting both Hal Jordan and Sinestro with some very harsh words. This is that moment where the line is drawn in the sand between them. Ganthet shows his disappointment in both of them and it feels like the natural reaction from someone who cares about what happens to Earth compared to the rest of the Guardians. With that said, you are left wondering who is really winning when last we saw of the ongoing fight between the Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns, things weren’t looking so good for the Green.

The transition from the previous issue was handled very well as we see how Barbara tries to pull herself together after Commissioner Gordon’s death. It shows how important this fight is when you can see that emotion displayed and still be able to do what has to be done while in distress. Which leads us to Black Canary who has now taken the fight to Superman. That has to be something we’ve all been waiting for because she has a lot of reason to want to bring Superman down, even if that means taking him on by herself. She obviously has the power to hurt him as we’ve seen before, so we’ll just have to see what tricks Black Canary has up her sleeve in order to bring down someone who is still well beyond her power class.

Again it’s great to see what Mike S. Miller has to offer on art, especially with a new artist as well. Again a bit odd to change-up the art team as we are nearing an end to Injustice: Year Two, but the quality is nothing less. Nothing too much stands out other than what you see when Ganthet shows us how much power he really wields, and there’s no denying it either from that splash page on page.14. Detail is great, colors both bold and distinctive.

Injustice: Year Two #21 changes the tide of the battle in a way that still manages to catch you off guard. The rebellion is on the offensive and while we know their attack won’t be a complete success for those of us who know how things proceed in the games, that doesn’t mean what happens in-between is something we don’t want to see. Anything can happen and anyone can be lost at any time. Nothing is certain, and surely nothing is promised either other than a story that pulls no punches.

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The rebellion continues their offensive strike and it's now or never to bring the big man to his knees.

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