Review: Injustice: Year Two #22 – That Really Happened


Like most others, the same is probably said all over the internet today. “Did that really happen?”. And that’s all you can ask yourself because in the world of Injustice, you expect the unexpected. If not? Your in for one big surprise, one after the other when Tom Taylor gives you moments like what you get in this issue. Injustice: Year Two #22 shows why you should never count either side of this fight out till the very end.

Injustice Year 2_ch_22_1-previewpage1This is the moment that Black Canary has been waiting for since Superman killed Green Arrow. She really brought the man down to his knees and had him right where she wanted him. All up to that very moment where the tides shift yet again and what happens surely made most of our jaws drop to the floor. Not just because a character had finally reached the point of no return, but because another character lost a lot more than just a life. This reminds all just how much is at stake in this war, and what they are all pretty much giving up for what they believe is right.

This issue as well fixed the problem which came with the previous issue as the state of the Yellow Lanterns wasn’t too certain. We see them having the Green Lanterns on the ropes, but that was about it. Though luckily Injustice: Year Two #22 gets back to that and shows how just Ganthet’s presence on the battlefield could make a huge difference. Though with that said, there comes the question of where Sinestro and Hal Jordan are. It feels like it’s always one or the other. Aside from this you continue to enjoy Harley’s part as a hero and a part of the Rebellion.

Now the job of interior art is handed back to Tom Derenick who was able to bring out the intensity in this issue. When we flip through those pages we want to see Black Canary going all or nothing against Superman, we want to see Ganthet pull no punches and take no prisoners against the Yellow Lanterns, we even want to see the psychotic nature of Harley shine through as she takes enjoyment from being one of the heroes. All of that is what came out of this issue and more thanks to both the pencils and colors. Page 21 in particular when it comes to the colors because those flames even being small looked very real.

Overall, Injustice: Year Two #22 was a great way to emphasize where we stand in terms of understanding who are the heroes and who are the villains in this story. It’s very hard to argue against what you see and if you had any attachment to that very character, this was probably a shot to the gut(kinda literally too). The next issue should definitely capitalize on this moment to show just how the rest react to the actions of Superman.

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As usual if you thought this was a happy story, Injustice: Year 2 #22 says otherwise.

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