Review: Injustice: Year Two #23 – Point Of No Return


These past two issues have been one punch to the gut after another, Injustice plays with your emotions and you can’t deny that you may like it that way. First you think that Black Canary is dead, and then she’s not, but then also still has that one last trick up her sleeve to cripple Superman as a superpower on Earth. There just is no clear winner, and before you can personally declare a winner something new will come along to shake things up. That’s the way things have been since the very start yet gets to you in the same way.

Injustice: Year Two #23_3-previewpage3As stated before, this here is the grand stage for Sinestro. In this penultimate chapter, Sinestro’s evil machinations result in the corruption of another hero and the deaths of even more. You hate Sinestro because he’s just a bad guy, but you love the guy because he’s just that damn good at what he does. And what he does is manipulate. Since the minute he killed Kyle and made his way to Earth things have been going Sinestro’s way for better and for worse. He’s the perfect example of how split this fight is. No matter how many people rise up to have a say in this matter, they all have their own agendas, taking advantage of the opportunities Superman created through his actions.

While much of this issue is great, there are some questions you are left asking. Between how Superman is chosen for the Yellow Ring, or how no one saw Sinestro do what he did near the end. These questions can easily be overlooked, though nonetheless something that can be questioned or needs an answer.

What is great about this issue is that visually this looks like a war. Yellow Lanterns, Green Lanterns, fighting everywhere in the sky and dropping like flies all the same. If you wanted to show how serious both sides are about this conflict, there are more than enough bodies to count that give you a good idea. Aside from this you may just enjoy the lightshow put on with the Lantern war because as usual the colors bring out the intensity that they bring in every panel you see them clashing. Now with that said, the blood from Black Canary is a bit much, though that’s just a small nitpick.

Injustice: Year Two #23 is pretty much the point of no return for some of these characters. Superman is clearly the bad guy now with good intentions going down a dark path which he can’t come back from now. At this point you are left wondering how many more will fall before Year Two’s end because it’s going to take a lot more than what the Resistance has to offer in order to bring the big man down.

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Things are only going to gt worse before they get any better in the world of Injustice. As we approach the end, we can do nothing but expect the impossible because keeping us guessing is half the fun.

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