Review: Injustice: Year Two #24 – Fear Won The Day


It’s the end of Injustice: Year Two, why not go out with a bang? Because that’s surely what we saw in Injustice: Year Two #24 as Tom Taylor brought this story arc to a close. The rebellion is more devastated and demoralized than ever. And now the question we are left asking is where Batman and his allies go from here? Seeing the big man call defeat is a big moment when they pretty much almost had victory in their grasp a few times. Just proving time after time that it’s never over till it’s over. Anything can happen and nothing should be assumed till confirmed.

Injustice: Year Two #24-previewpage1jpg-3a4c64_960wWhile it was very obvious how things would end for the rebellion, it does not stop you from feeling the discouragement that comes with the consistent losses they have taken up to this point. You really do want to root for them when they are putting everything on the line to take down Superman, but his overwhelming power has proved to be more than a match for whatever they throw at him.Not to mention both he and Hal Jordan now fully embracing the power of fear. This year has been all about the Lantern’s part in this conflict and for the better you enjoy their presence from start to finish. Especially when it comes to Sinestro who pretty much stole the show with every sinister act he committed in order to push events in his favor. Killed 3 prominent and favorable Green Lanterns and removed everyone who stood between him and complete manipulation of Superman. Now with that said, Hal did seem very suddenly conflicted and you’d think he’d be far gone by now.

Where I stated in the previous review that Superman had reached a point of no return, it would actually have been in this very issue right here. The end of Injustice: Year Two #24 changed that, but the fight between Superman and Ganthet solidified Superman’s position in the world. Sure he has his reasons for disliking the Guardians, but while that fight is going on above you look back down to Earth and the sheer number of dead Green Lanterns speak for themselves. This one guy took out that many Green Lanterns, and then both Ganthet and Mogo at the same time. If you saw that coming you’d have to be some kind of mind reader because any one of the two individually could have given Superman a run for his money before he got the Yellow Lantern ring.

Again the fight between Superman, Ganthet and Mogo was astounding. The power from these three forces clashing and what Superman did to Mogo you probably have to stop and stare just to process the possibility of what happened. While that stood out visually because of the intensity, we are not to overlook the emotional weight that comes with Dinah’s fate so to speak. You don’t expect what happens at the end, and it was very heartwarming who makes an appearance as well. It is a moment that gives you closure, and balances out the doom and gloom.

Injustice: Year Two #24 ended on a note that both left you discouraged and hopeful for what the next year has in store. Superman is pretty much the villain now and the rebellion is going to have to re-evaluate their next approach to taking down Superman who is at a whole new level of power. What can challenge him now? Only Year Three has the answers to that.

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You couldn't ask for anything more from Injustice: Year Two #24 as we were left feeling a wide array of emotions.

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