Review: Injustice Year Two #9 – The Unexpected


Expect the unexpected

Tom Taylor continues to show us why the Injustice series is one where you can expect to be blown away by what the characters are willing to do to get ahead. I surely was with the first story arc, and no doubt Year Two is doing the same though bringing a different level of intensity now that the real fight is beginning. We always wondered what would happen when the Green Lanterns take off the gloves to handle something they thought was a real threat to what they stand for. That occurrence is right now and we all are pretty much in store for something big.

Injustice Year 2_009When the Green Lantern Corps is on its way to confront Superman, we all assume a big war is going to break loose. I mean who wouldn’t? They sent their most powerful Lanterns, which is still a lot of Lanterns, and all of them wielding the most powerful item in the Universe. Tom Taylor knows exactly what it takes to up the stakes in this fight and all sides are proving that they are vulnerable when the others are willing to go to great lengths to show their strength. The impossible happens and no punches are pulled, that is what you get from Injustice consistently and why this is a memorable story.

I really do like that something I questioned with the last issue, was addressed in this one. I had said I was disappointed by the lack of action on John Stewart’s part considering Earth was his home too. I can definitely say I jumped the gun there since what was disappointment turned to excitement because of what his part in this could mean down the road.

The team of Bruno Redondo and Rex Lokus again do an amazing job making this lively. As usual the coloring being something I like most because when it comes to characters like the Lanterns and Shazam, it means everything to show how much of powerhouses they are. I mean seeing them all entering Earth for Superman felt like something Superman would have a lot of trouble with. Then the very ending which took many of us by surprise was so in your face that you can tell just how serious things have gotten. That was a point of no return and why I’d want to see what happens next.

Just the way Injustice Year Two #9 ends, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to pick up the next issue. There is no other way to describe the Injustice series than saying this is batshit crazy. You would never pick up a book like this and never know who would bite the bullet next or how.

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You find yourself blown away by the response to a war we all anticipated.

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