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Judge Dredd has always been known to do things a little off-kilter when it comes to storylines as well as characters.  The idea of combining the world of Judge Dredd with the martians from Mars Attacks wasn’t too much of a surprise, when it hit my radar.  For those that don’t know, Mars Attacks is a set of trading cards that were famous back in the day, and had a resurgence when Tim Burton made the movie.  Yes, it is those martians.  It is great seeing how they would react in a world where judges act as judge, jury, and of course executioner.  So how do these to worlds stack up upon one another?  Read on to find out.

MarsDredd-03-pr-5-9a95fThe story left off with Don Mumbletti getting killed by Smalls and some of the Martians as Dredd is trying to sneak up on them.  Mumbletti’s cronies are crying over him as his murderers just look on.  Smalls kills one of the cronies as another gets away, just as Dredd comes through the door.  There is a moment where it looks like Smalls killed Dredd, but it was all in his head as Anderson tricked him.  Without spoiling a major plot point, someone else dies. Anderson tries to go inside the Apelino’s head, but he isn’t budging so she goes inside the dead persons head.  As they find the piece of information they need to stop the invasion, the sphere’s located around all of the mob hideouts start to go off.  Upon going off, the martians decide to start the full on invasion and all that Dredd and Anderson could do is watch as Mega-City One is getting annihilated.

This is a very fun comic to check out.  Although the story has elements where it would make a good drama, it is told in a very matter-of-fact, humorous way.  Obviously, for it being Judge Dredd, the story does get very violent. There is not a moment that feels un-needed, and there is not padding when it comes to dialog.  The dialog can be hit or miss for some people.  Aside from some of the quick one-liners Dredd says some of the dialog does feel a little cliched or over the top.  A good example is when Mumbletti’s cronies are crying over him, it is supposed to be funny looking at these two morons cry and moan over their boss, but it just looks like shoddy writing on the part of the writer.  I mentioned the pacing of the comic, well it feels like it is heading to the conclusion without moments to spare, so it will take a couple of reads to understand what is going on.   Since comics are only about 33 pages, it doesn’t take much time to reread it, but it still isn’t good that the story can get incoherent at times.MarsDredd-03-pr-8-89d18

The art for the comic is great.  It is in the same style as the original Dredd and the martians are in the style of the trading cards.  They are nice little touches and you can see how similar the styles are when they are next to each other.  When someone dies, they do a little postcard style picture of the close up of the death in the same style as the Mars Attacks trading cards.  They also give a little funny quip to go with the death.  It’s a fun little hook that will for sure continue into the final issue.

Overall this is a fun, great looking comic that fans of sci-fi will like.  Be mindful that some of the images are a little graphic, so be careful about reading it around the little kiddies.  Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #3 is a miniseries produced by IDW that is set to be released November 13, 2013.  Check out the finale, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #4, expected in stores January 1st. of 2014.  Be sure to check them both out at your local comic book store as well as through a digital platform when they are released.  Do you agree with the review?  Comment your thoughts below.

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It's a fun, over the top story, but the story moves a little too fast as it heads into the finale.

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