Review: Mighty Avengers #7 – White Tiger’s Fury


Al Ewing at this point really knows what he’s doing with the Mighty Avengers and see’s to it that each of them get the treatment they so deserve. What has been great about this book so far is that he hasn’t watered down a single one of these heroes with the thought of putting them on a team. They sought legitimacy, they got it, and even then there’s still work individually for these characters even though they are connected by the name Mighty Avengers.

Mighty-Avengers-7-Preview-1-07c0fLast we saw of White Tiger she seemed to be all over the place. Physically and mentally as she has taken more of an active role as a hero since Avengers Academy. This really goes up with that characterization you admire because she’s matured to a point where she can stand on her own two feet. With that coming the capability to find that man, Gideon Mace, who those years ago, murdered Ava Ayala’s family. What is even better about this situation is that Al Ewing did not waste any time going back to the deal that Maya made with this power of an ancient god of terror and bloodlust. This is that one night and she just gave it full control.

It’s that conflict of interest that makes this exciting because they all want Gideon Mace, but their gonna have to get to him first before the Tiger does. Their confrontation with the Tiger really was the highlight of this issue because these are not the kind of heroes you take lightly and the Tiger gave them a fight. That was handled very well and seeing who held back and who pulled no punches gave it that much more impact considering this isn’t the situation any of them would have thought they’d find themselves in.

Valerio on art again has been a great change for the book. Especially with this storyline following Maya. Valerio really is able to capture the intensity from her as she looks for justice. From the minute you see her face at the start of this book you know that she is out for blood and that the Mighty Avengers might not want to step between her and her prey. The detail he puts into this as well doesn’t hurt either, the fine lines bring out flow of the action. Not many can make fighting in the rain look real, but he surely does.

Praying for Gideon Mace is an understatement right now. Mighty Avengers does what it does best and cranks that knob high when things are about to get intense. This fight started out personal, and now it has turned into something much more than that by the end of the issue. Al Ewing gives you this team, but he also gives you heroes that standout in this crowd as those you care for as they deal with their personal problems and deal with how these problems affect them as a member of the team. Whatever comes next will be a defining moment for the Mighty Avenger’s future.

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White Tiger shows why she is not the hero to cross when it comes to her personal vendettas find their way to her doorstep, this goes for the Mighty Avengers too.

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