Review: Mighty Avengers #9 – A Broken Family


Living a tragic life

Up to now things have been action packed and fun in Mighty Avengers, but this issue really brings out the emotions that you can’t ignore because of how much they shape Blue Marvel’s life. Last issue we had the father and son argument between Blue Marvel and Max, but right now Al Ewing shows us just what brings about this sadness that follows him and his family. Once again this part of the Mighty Avengers book has continued to take me by surprise because Blue Marvel was not the character I expected to like this much from getting to know what makes him who he is.

mighty avengers009page002It has been emphasized that most probably know little of Blue Marvel aside from those less than recent times when he helped out with another end of the world situation. That fact alone really does help this story in my opinion when you consider how other books tend to lay too heavily upon flashbacks for depth. Al Ewing really dug into what makes Blue Marvel such a hero surrounded by despair. Where you’d question why he works almost 24/7, by himself, or why he isn’t recognized as much as other heroes despite his capabilities, taking that look into his past made everything so much clearer. You not only sympathize with him, but his whole family which completely fell apart because of the world they were brought into.

With this said, as much as I have anticipated Blade’s reveal in Mighty Avengers, knowing ahead of time that it was him hurt how much that affected me in this issue. In general, Blue Marvel’s part of the story was so strong that I felt it overshadowed his reveal, that and the fact that I would rather see the Mighty Avenger’s reactions to seeing who is Ronin(Aside from those who already know).

That little bit with Monica and She-Hulk I liked as well. It really is clever how Al Ewing manages to allow these characters to create a memorable dynamic.

While Valerio’s art will be missed for the time being, having Greg Land back doesn’t change how visually appealing Mighty Avengers continues to be. Be it the detail, or the great use of colors I admire how there is always something worth looking at when you open up the book. In this very issue I liked most of all the coloring and how everything is just in your face because this is Blue Marvel we are speaking of who handles things way outside the power level of other heroes.

Just another entertaining issue of Mighty Avengers that shows why this team is one that stands out as it’s own thing compared to other team books out there. Blue Marvel’s part was excellent, while Ronin’s part didn’t hold up as much as I would have thought it would. Overall making this very solid and I hope that from here there can be that expectation that when something big is about to happen in this book, it can be done without it being spoiled months in advance.

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Blue Marvel continues to amaze as that character you never expected to like this much.

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