Review: Mind MGMT #20 – I Love it When A Good Plan Comes Together


Mind MGMT picks up this month with the continuation of the fourth arc in this series. For most of the series we watched as Meru was used as nothing more than a chess piece for Henry Lyme and Mind Management, but things are different now. Mind Management, led by the Eraser, is back and recruiting all over again. They’re awaking sleeping agents and so the chase in on.

Mind MGMT #20 focuses on another former agent, The Giant. Lyme and Duncan were given his name and whereabouts thanks to Jewel. This takes them to Berlin, where it appears that major events will take place, particularly the retirement home. In most of this issue, like the last couple, Kindt takes the time to tell us a rich story of another long retired agent and his experience with Mind Management. He juggles the two different (three really if you count the backstory) plots here with masterful skill as well as a huge cliffhanger ending.

Matt Kindt is writing a classic in the making. 20 years from now this will be one of those series that comic fans will consider required mindmgmt20p1reading. Everything Kindt has done right in this series is illustrated in this single issue alone. If anyone attempted to jump into the series at #20, they would be a bit lost but they’d understand how “big” this series is. Characters like The Giant matter, the locations matter, the side conversations Duncan and Lyme have matter. It’s a rarity in comics these days to see that.

The massive universe that he’s built is all starting to come together and it’s very scary for those of us who have become attached to some of these characters. Our characters are in a lot of trouble here as their collective abilities are starting to fail them. The magic of this comic is that anything can happen as the story has always been a lot bigger than these people. I’ve always seen these characters as the smaller parts of the bigger point being made by this series.

Mind MGMT is one of the few series I’ve read in which we get a full story in one issue. What I mean is that despite the big cliffhanger, I do not  feel that I did not get enough bang for my buck. Even after twenty issues, there are still new things to be learned. How exactly to Perrier’s powers work? Do those last pages of text actually happen or is this yet another character who can see a little bit into the future? Mind MGMT constantly throws new twists at you and you’re forced to read each issue a couple of times to catch all. It’s a smart comic and there aren’t nearly enough of those left anymore.

Mind MGMT #20 is my gem of the week. It’s consistently a mind trip and makes me think. Matt Kindt is writing a modern masterpiece and it will be remembered for years to come. Issue 20 sets up a potential game changer in issue #21. If you’ve been wanting to get into this series, there is no better time than the present.

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Mind MGMT #20 gives us more to think about but also starts bringing everything together. Longtime readers are starting to see a payoff post Meru learning the truth and it's exciting. This is a classic in the making.

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