Review: Ms. Marvel #2 – All Mankind


After the wonderful first issue of Ms. Marvel, does issue #2 live up to it? Absolutely. The first issue left me wondering what she does with her powers now that she got them from the terrigen mist. The cover looks epic to catch the attention of new readers which is a plus and I’m liking the design on her costume from what I can see so far.

The issue picks up where issue one left off. We see Kamala awake after being doused with terrigen mist and looking like her favourite superhero Captain Marvel (in the old Ms. Marvel costume). She discovers what her powers are and uses them to help someone in trouble. Which takes her down the path of a super hero. Probably in her own way of course.


The story here is great and makes me (and other readers) want to keep reading and see where things go now that she has super powers. Kamala Khan does make an interesting character when she tries to figure out how her powers work because it appears that her powers are working in tandem with her emotions as a teenager. It makes for great and hilarious moments once you start reading. Wilson and Alphona really know when to put in a good joke here and there to keep the readers entertained. Personally I thought was great and hilarious was when she tries to use her powers to transform (with Transform as a sound effect) and nothing happens.

Speaking of powers, we get to see how her powers can do for the first time. Her powers are interesting in that her powers are not similar to Captain Marvel in any way shape or form. But still make her unique for this character. Even though the powers remind me of Elasti-Girl from DC comics’s Doom Patrol I have no doubt this will remain very original.

The comic does remind us that she is a teenager. We see this when she starts to look like her hero along with trying to sneak back into her house. So far I’m liking her family in this comic. We see that her parents do worry about her and treat her like any parent should when their child does something she really shouldn’t do. Also I’m loving the fact that they are self aware on something doesn’t look right, like a t-shirt. It makes me wonder how they will react if they ever find out she has powers.

The art here is amazing. We can tell who the characters are, no one looks the same and the designs are appealing to the eye. I’m glad the Alphona is having a bit of fun drawing Kamala as we she her trying to control her powers. Even when she looks like Captain Marvel we can still tell it’s her. I do like the design of Kamala’s father, but that’s just the illustrator/animator part of me that likes to draw large characters.

Like most new series these days we have the main character(s) gain powers near the end of the first issue and have then figure out their powers in the second issue. This one is no different. What I like about her though is that the instant she gains her powers she actually tries to do some good, instead of personal gain at the beginning like a certain web-slinger we all know. I recommend buying this issue, for if you didn’t like her before, you’ll definitely like her know. I also recommend buying the first issue as well if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to see how she tries to be a hero in her own way.

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If you haven't read Ms. Marvel yet you should start reading now. I can't stress enough that you'll be hooked to the series once you start reading an issue.

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