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“The Multiversity” has told the story of comic books that when read, can change the course of a person’s history. It can make them do terrible things and it change a world. Grand statements by Grant Morrison for sure. This series has taken readers to multiples worlds that have all been radically different from each other. Even on a more technical scale the way the stories have been told differ. Look at something like “Pax Americana” and compare it to the first issue of the series. This week’s “Thunderworld” continues this and while it’s not nearly as deep or thought inducing as “Pax Americana”, it is still very good.

“Thunderworld” is the Captain Marvel comic that DC fans have waited a long time for. The character has been beloved by DC fans and Screenshot_48has gone through some changes in the New 52. These changes have been different from what’s been done before. Personally, I am a fan but there are many who aren’t. Those who aren’t, this is your comic book. Dr. Sivana has assembled alternate versions from across the Multiverse to launch one final attack on the Marvel family.

I’ve said this before but I feel like Grant Morrison is restraining himself a little. If you look at something like “Final Crisis” where there was just SO much happening you’ll see what I mean. “Multiversity” has been very easy to comprehend on the surface. There’s a lot underneath this if you take it apart (which you should) but it’s completely understandable after one read. “Thunderworld” is, as far as I can recall, Morrison’s only comic book that you could hand to a kid. This is the most pure fun I had reading a DC comic this year and that was because of how happy the tone of the book was. There were laughs and adventure that you could only find with this group of characters. As a whole, the story comes back to the running theme of comics and universe traveling. In the middle of all this fun, there’s still a very good story being told.

Visually, this was just as charming as the story but I think the art does a better job at conveying the proper tone. Cameron Stewart’s art is full of life and excitement. The Marvel family look happy to be superheroes which is refreshing. Thanks to superheroes from all publisher we’ve become accustomed to superheroes that don’t exactly want to be heroes. The Marvel family is happy to spring into action. Billy, visually, makes my dreams of getting super powers come alive again. He’s having fun and kicking ass. Nathan Fairbairn’s colors do wonders in bringing everything together. His color choices make every page pop and give the entire issue a vibrancy that you unfortunately don’t see enough.

“The Multiversity: Thunderworld” #1 is a late contender for issue of the year because of how generally fun and adventurous it is. Give this to a child and they’ll be hooked to comics. With all the cancellations DC announced and after reading this, I’m hoping that we’ll get a Captain Marvel book like this. The New 52 version isn’t one I dislike but if they could give us this version or a combination of this version and the current Shazam, I’d be very happy. Yet again, this is almost totally a standalone issue so it’s worth picking up even if you aren’t reading the rest of this miniseries.

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The Multiversity: Thunderworld #1 is a treat in every aspect. It's a must read for classic Captain Marvel fans.

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