Review: Storm #4 – A Love Lost


Wolverine is now dead and Storm is unhinged dealing with the aftermath. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t care for Wolverine, or care that these two were together, at the end of the day they were a couple that made sense and for Ororo it feels like the rug was swept from beneath her feet. What makes this such an emotional issue is that we aren’t just getting Ororo’s reaction as she meets Yukio again. You can see the impact he’s had on these people’s lives and Pak delivers on the feels.

STORM2014004_intjpg_Page2Storm #4 is a wonderful story when it brings out that vulnerable side to Storm which only happens when she loses control over her emotions. Greg Pak again displaying the extent of Storms powers by actually taking her up into space in order to not only let her grieve for a moment, but to also show off how far on the weather spectrum her powers reach. It has always been a question as to if she could produce auroras on such a scale or even solar winds, both of which Pak makes clear is within her capabilities. He even takes that little bit of time to address why it is that Storm had a mohawk before. Something always appreciated to show knowledge of the character’s past.

Some people say that they want linear story or some big plot to unfold, though that doesn’t feel necessary for a series like Storm or for a character like Storm. Each passing issue takes us through Ororo’s life as if this is her when she is not being an X-Man. That is what it’s like for a lot of these solo series and time needs to be taken to remind readers that the person behind the mask is just as important. Their personal lives as well.

Now the situation Storm ends up in when she meets with Yukio is one that you may find yourself having mixed feelings about. Not because it was bad, but for the fact that you might find yourself questioning Storm’s decision. She is the type of person who will jump in the fray to do what’s right, though for something she didn’t quite understand fully it was weird for her to take such rash actions. Only the next issue can tell where this leads, though for something you didn’t really expect it catches you off guard. That is not to say that you can’t sit back and enjoy Storm being in a position where she shows off why she’s not the X-Man to piss off.

Victor Ibanez and Ruth Redmond made this issue really stand out as one which makes the statement that Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. For what she is capable of in space, to how much power she still wields underground she carries an imposing presence that just can be denied. Aside from this it is hard to overlook the range of emotions conveyed throughout from Storm’s rage to the terror and fear that Yukio went through from the point of finding out Wolverine was dead to what happens with her “business”.

A solid issue definitely that is not only worth reading just because the series has been great, but for how well it connects Storm to the rest of the world through Wolverine’s death.

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You never would have expected this kind of outcome from Wolverine's death, but Pak works it very well into this series between their relationship and the emotional weight of loss.

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