Review: The Strain – The Fall #7


It feels like The Strain-The Fall is finally leading into the climax that everyone who reads these comics are waiting for.  While the comic has never been as action-packed as the premise would lead itself to be, the comic has always been an intriguing read, nonetheless.  We left off of the last issue at a very critical moment in many characters storylines, so the question is; how will they get out of it?  Will they all make it?  Do they have the means to destroy the vampires once and for all?  We’ll see, but let’s get into the review of this weeks issue.

Everything starts off with a flashback to Professor Setrakian’s early life.  He and Eldritch Palmer were old friends before they had a falling out over the uses of some of the items that they had both acquired, obviously Palmer wanted to use these items for evil and to get eternal life.  Setrakian then talks of his wife and what happened to her, which also explains the heart he keeps in a jar.  This was a nice little prologue because we finally see some backstory into a character and get a peak into his intentions with this crusade against vampires.  It’s a very heartbreaking story and you feel sorry for his character as you see why he is precise with his planning.  As we jump into present time, Setrakian and Vasiliy have the mysterious Lumen in their hands and Ephraim is getting attacked by a horde of vampires.  For the first time they jump into the action really quickly and it moves every piece together seamlessly. Gus reunites with Setrakian and Vasiliy, and then reunite with Ephraim in a nick of time.  This leads into a chase down a street covered with vampires, and they jump into the sewers.  Vasiliy has a secret weapon, which is used.  But did it work?  You have to find out for yourselves.straintf7p6

The writing in this particular issue is extremely fast-paced, and it actually makes it one of the best books of this series.  Because the story-lines are all converging together again, the comic feels more focused and exciting as we have multiple characters to care about in a given scenario without the need to keep cutting back and forth.  Ephraim is the character we cared about the most, and also knew about, but with them adding Setrakian’s backstory at the beginning of this comic we now hope he survives this ordeal too, and get the revenge he is seeking.  Obviously, some characters are not in this issue, but you don’t miss them because you hardly know who they are.  Questions will be answered eventually, but sadly, this is not the issue where we get any of them.

The art still needs some refinement, but it may just be the artists, Mike Huddleston’s, style of art.  For shading he primarily uses shades of darkness, but sometimes he uses the dot method which can be jarring when it happens out of nowhere.  When doing a wide shot, the characters and vampires lose all sense of texture and, aside from clothing, you can’t tell which character is who.  This reviewer does love how they play with darkness and light, but there is still a lot to desired.

Overall, this is probably the best issue of the series, and the one that is fast paced.  Leading into the finale strong, let’s just hope that we get all of the questions answered while still leaving us enough for the next series.  If you are a fan of the book or this comic, you should definitely pick this issue up.  It is currently available where comics are sold.

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Although the art is cluttered, this is probably one of the best issues of this title. It is action-packed and moves the story-line briskly.

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