Review: Superior Iron Man #2 – Daredevil Gets In Way Over His Head


“Superior Iron Man” #2 brings more drama and adds a new layer to Tony Stark’s new personality. Co-starring Daredevil, “Superior Iron Man” #2 is a much stronger follow up (the debut was already very good) that gives the entire a bit more complexity.

“Superior Iron Man” #2 opens by focusing on Daredevil. As we saw in issue one, he’s not happy with what Iron Man has done. He believes he’s done a lot more harm than good with the newest version of Extremis. Daredevil plans to sneak into the new Stark Island to confront Tony Stark and put an end to what he thinks is a full decent into addiction that has caused him to act like this.

This is a fast read but chock full of important events and information. First off, it must be mentioned that Tony Stark is using an entire island as his headquarters. Nothing says showing off like your own island. Instead of being a gross demonstration of wealth, it’s quite funny because of how over the top it is. Honestly at the place he is in life you could have even gone crazier with it. Putting the focus on Daredevil also hits home the idea that no one really knows what’s happening with Tony. It seems that outside of those directly involved with “Axis” they believe Tony Stark has ‘fallen off the wagon’ and given in to his demons. By framing the story through Daredevil’s action, there’s an attempt at making the reader sympathetic and that’s incredibly importantimages in a series like this.

The way Tony treats people is also something Taylor is writing splendidly. He’s not really holding back and it reminds me of what he does in his DC work. He allows the characters to be as bad they’re going to be. This might make some fans uncomfortable but it really sells the story better. The ending of “Superior Iron Man” #2 plays to this but it also opens up a moral dilemma.

Yildiray Cinar does an even better job in this issue. Cinar seems to be setting the bar higher and higher each issue. The way Daredevil moves rivals what Chris Samnee does in “Daredevil”. Daredevil moves seamlessly and the panels underwater are done so well. There’s this stark darkness that only exists in the view of Daredevil himself. Tony Stark’s facial expressions are priceless. They’re so smug and arrogant. It shows through very well. His new suit is also so great to look at. In this issue we get even more of a symbiote reaction and it looks more liquid like than in the first issue. Cinar is an artist I didn’t know much about before this series and now is someone I’d like to see much more from.

“Superior Iron Man” is really shaping up to be a classic Tony Stark story. It will hopefully get the time it needs to run its course. Like “Superior Spider-Man”, I find myself really interested in this jerk. It’s a testament to the talent of the creative team if they can do that.

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Superior Iron Man continues to be a strong solo series for the character that shows off Taylor's ability to write complex "bad" people.

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