Riverdale “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show” Review


It seems like last week was only the start of the woes within the town of Riverdale. The biggest fear up to this fourth episode has been that the only appeal for Riverdale would be the murder mystery of Jason. But they have proven us wrong that the show can offer a lot more by making us care for each of these characters even if it is still a slow crawl for some to reach that level of familiarity worth investing in. It looks like Riverdale “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show” aims to push a bit further into the troubles you can into in this little town.

The plot of Jason’s death really shapes the town of Riverdale. You look for world-building in a show like this as key to the glue that brings everyone together. For better or for worse that is what it has been like as the death of Jason forms this tense atmosphere over everyone who is even remotely involved.

Little time was wasted throwing Archie into the fire dealing with his and Miss Grundy’s relationship. As far as pacing goes this was a smart move to press on as I do believe most will agree that what is going on there is awkward. Surely a thing between him, Betty and Veronica would have been obvious but this here has been left field. Now Betty throwing herself between this scandal I do like because not only is it an action to help a friend, but it furthers her ability as a reporter. The truth she stumbles upon does raise some red flags and truthfully I root for any action which tried to break up what is going on between Archie and Grundy. Through his pursuit of music, Archie is someone likable, but this isn’t doing much for him. Nothing about this says Archie beyond bleeding heart teen who is looking for someone to acknowledge him. If there was one thing I would have recommend since the start, it was that they had cut this subplot as soon as they can. Focus more on the dangers of them being near the lake where Jason died. Hopefully that is where we can go from what happens by the end of this episode.

Jughead fighting to keep the local drive-in open after hearing an anonymous buyer’s plans to tear it down is where I think we are starting to see more of the character we love. That rebellious side of him that is quite ruthless when he becomes passionate about something important. The who and why of the demolishing of the drive-in definitely catches you off guard. I did have my suspicions about the person, but nothing was certain until that very moment when things became clear. Regardless when we came to understand fully why Jughead fought so hard to save this place it was a tough pill to swallow. If any character won your heart it was without a doubt the one person right now who was fighting for something meaningful.

It was risky I must say getting into whatever secret it is that Veronica’s mother is hiding. Something up till now has been way too genuine and honest about her. They even had us forgetting that large bag of money she received earlier on and what that could mean for the Lodges down the road. Then you have Alice Cooper who is sadly another character who you struggle to like. For everything going on already in the town she just comes off as that local instigator. Especially for the job she has which most times you would overlook for others. Alice finding an opportunity to destroy Archie’s image could have meant anything yet you couldn’t have prepared for what she had up her sleeve. This moment did knock you at the edge of your seat, but plenty of things were said that needed to be said.

Riverdale “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show” really pushed some emotional boundaries. Some things happened for the best, other things not so much. Riverdale is still finding its footing, though they are on the right track handling what held some character back from their true potential.

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