Riverdale “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club” Review


The dangers are growing, the mysteries run deeper, and the worst is still yet to come. That is what takes hold of your excitement from this show when you never know what’s about to come, till it does. Especially when this week we are finally treated to the answer to what the parents of Riverdale have been hiding about Gryphons and Gargoyles. I do hope that this is worth the week we had of no Riverdale that was torturing.

This week was the beginning of something new for Riverdale. I enjoy the pacing at which this game suddenly spread across the town. Just when you thought Jughead and Betty were closer to putting a lid on this bottle? Boom, they ended up shattering the whole thing in the process. Seeing the repercussions of that action from the very start of this episode was chilling for that very reason. At this point they were setting us up to be in that mindset where anything could go wrong. It was just a matter of when, and who. It could be the students, or it could be the parents who are finding out they were a step too late to making sure that the past didn’t repeat itself. The build-up to answers from Betty was also pretty quick. I knew what the main attraction for this episode would be, so all of the catastrophe from the game unleashed was something that needed to come and go in order for the real story to be told.

What made me so anxious about this flashback was the creative decision on who would play the parents younger. I would not have expected them to have the kids look exactly the same as their same gender parent did as teenagers. Its clever, and it works. Who would argue that they wouldn’t look similar to their kids? Either way, It is time to go back to 1992 where we now know for sure that all the parents somehow went to the same school together and interacted.

While this was a story where you were waiting for everything to go wrong, there was much to find exciting in the process. Once you get past the kids looking like their parents, there was simply the personality to soak in for the parents at this age. It caught me off guard to see some of them exactly how you would picture, while some of the others much different from who they are now. Really made you wonder the exact point where they started going in a different direction. It was too funny how q quick introduction to each of them at this age turned into a scene off of Breakfast Club as well. The pictures had already said enough about that comparison, but to see things actually play out, and with the person they chose as the principal? Brilliant execution if you ask me. There was a few surprise connections between parents that you couldn’t have seen coming till it did. Most of them had baggage even young, though I think we could all appreciate that at their age there was much more vulnerability to them. Enough to understand the way they act in the present. Particularly towards each other when this was apparently that time for them to get to know one another.

When they finally got around to playing this game, I felt a shiver because I remembered how much I connect with stories like this. If you don’t know much about me, I am a HUGE Community fan. One of their themed episodes was always DnD, so to get another episode like that in a show I like was a treat. This was the same experience watching a group of diverse characters play a game they wouldn’t play under normal circumstances. There was a good ease into how the game actually works, and from there we could easily understand where the game evolved for better and for worse. The costumes were a nice touch, as well as how the rest of the players eventually joined up. That added to the atmosphere of what happened once the game started getting a bit too real. After that, the terror was like walking up a flight of stairs since the game getting real was only the start. Once they started questioning who was really running the game, that was when it became anything goes.

It goes without saying that there were some scenes that you couldn’t argue with them having. One of those things of course being a little music number. Riverdale never goes wrong with these, and the choice of music was fitting to the atmosphere of the game.

Through the events of Riverdale “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club”, we now know what we are preparing for with the game unleashed on a grand scale. The parent’s story was satisfying. We learned a lot about them in the process of learning about the game and its dark secret. This episode was pretty much the full package that gets you asking all the right questions for what’s to come next. Particularly when looking in one direction neglects everything else you may have missed for the sake of curiosity.

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