Riverdale “Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes” Review


This is a town on the verge of implosion. After everything that Riverdale has been through the past two seasons, its crazy to see how they have all come to realize who the real enemies are. The ones they let fester and grow in the dark. As I said last week, I don’t know what to expect from this season, and I still don’t going into this second episode. That fortunately is what keeps us coming back for more each week. They keep us guessing because there are mysteries afoot once more!

Jughead and Betty had the strangest experiences in the series thus far. It’s too early to say for sure if what Betty saw was real, but there was no denying the ritualistic horrors that Jughead was led into. Especially when this has led to the death of at least one of the boys he found. With that said, you have to hand it to the writers because there is no more obscure couple you could attach yourselves to who could look into this abyss and find a new drive for answers. Despite some of the bigger changes this season, this was as close to normal as you could get for this show when these two were back to chasing clues and leads. Just the atmosphere around them was chilling when you didn’t know when they were reaching that point where there was knowing too much. Their first run-in with the unknown was like a scene out of a horror movie. I absolutely loved it for everything that could have gone wrong in those moments.

Veronica trying to hold down the fort at the school was an interesting twist to her story. I’m glad for the choices she made this episode when I was almost fearing for her heading down a predictable path. With the right interactions she has once more stepped up to think outside the box to get what she wants. With everyone else having their own stuff to deal with, it only made sense that she was one to be at the center (aside from Archie’s parents) of trying to get Archie out of lock up. This was very enjoyable as well if not for the fact that a creative dynamic has been formed between Veronica and Cheryl. These two are pretty much cut from the same cloth whether they want to admit it or not, and that ultimately leads to a fun brand of rule breaking.

On the other end of things going on in the school, it was probably about time that we saw a little more of Kevin and Moose. These two tend to fall to the background quite often. While I hate to see another relationship kind of plotline carry them to relevance, it’s not a bad one either when you have the RROTC coming between them. What goes on during the summer is one thing, but it was good to see how things could get shaken up once they had to return to classes once again.

It was a big change in direction for Archie to go through this season. I’ve accepted some things different about these characters in the Riverdale Universe, but this is as drastic as it gets when Archie himself has strayed so far from that good boy image. He may be innocent of course, yet that doesn’t mean he isn’t out of the line of fire he has jumped into. Everything that followed to this point was pure suspense in waiting for the worst to come for him. For better or for worse they wasted little time jumping into how bad things could get for him. One would have thought maybe he could coast by with the right crowd at the right time, but this clearly is not one of those stories. They had to give us an example of how things run in this detention center, and pulled no punches. From there, I could only be impressed with what Archie did with this newfound perspective of his environment. Predictably he was going to rock the boat, but the question was how. That was what gets your attention after finding a way to get through to some people who most of us would probably hide from. That includes this new character, Mad Dog who is a point of interest for the personality he has versus his intimidating stature.

I gotta say, the musical number from this episode was my everything for this hour. I don’t know if this is another original number for them since I’m not a big music person, but regardless it was awesome to know that this madness won’t keep these characters from being able to embrace moments like this.

Riverdale “Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes” continues to set the pace for this season that gets the heart racing. The hole grows deeper, and just when you think you have things figured out? Boom! They flip the tables on us and keep us guessing once more. There was no ignoring that evil is brewing that no one, not even the adults can turn a blind eye to.

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