Riverdale “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy Of A Murder” Review


Riverdale finally gives us the answer to the question that’s been plaguing us all season long – who killed Jason Blossom? Read on for our review of this huge episode but be warned, there are spoilers. BIG SPOILERS! VERY BIG SPOILERS!!!!

All season long, Riverdale has been encompassed by one central mystery and tonight, that came to a head in “Anatomy Of A Murder”. The episode begins right after the Homecoming dance. F.P. has been taken into custody and completely confesses to everything he’s accused of but Archie, Veronica and Betty refuse to let this be. Through their own investigation and a huge twist delivered by Betty’s father, we find out who killed Jason Blossom and just how deep the connection between the Blossoms and Coopers is.

What works so well about this episode is that this hour takes time to build tension. Watching this episode filled me with anxiety because from musical queues to the performances, you are engulfed by this. Jason Blossom’s death almost becomes as personal for you as it is for the Riverdale gang because the reveal comes gradually, instead of hitting you all at once. In what is usually not the case with shows like this, we see the characters react before we know the truth. While they cry and deal with this shock, we are forced into more tension which makes the ultimate reveal and heart wrenching one even if it isn’t entirely shocking.

Clifford Blossom is finally exposed as the killer of Jason Blossom and in hindsight, this wasn’t entirely shocking but it is still incredibly emotional. Riverdale is a show where the parents of these teenagers are seen and heard. Alice, Fred, Hermione and F.P. serve a role not seen in series similar to Riverdale. It is a very generational story compared to counterparts like Pretty Little Liars. Clifford being exposed as the murderer of his own son is very dark but of all the possible perpetrators, he was the right one to go with. We got twists that made sense with a very satisfying reveal, which is a big part of this much hyped episode’s success. Furthering this is the now mysterious suicide of Clifford because even with a short amount of time passing, it is possible that this wasn’t done by his hand.

Where Riverdale succeeds in this reveal is opening this up to something even bigger. The reasons for this death aren’t entirely clear just yet and with all the other pieces of this now revealed (drugs, Hiram Lodge, Serpents), there are places to go next season. Riverdale  is entirely about its characters and not only about this murder, which is why I believe the show will be able to rise to the occasion in the upcoming finale and the next season. “Anatomy Of A Murder” is very much about this reveal but there is also some great stuff included about Archie’s family and the choices he still has to make. Kevin and Joaquin are forced to part ways and now Polly is back home. Even without a murder mystery dangling, there is still a lot for this show to explore and that’s exciting.

Riverdale has one more episode to go to wrap up this season and we thankfully already have the solution to the murder mystery. What comes is unclear but there is a lot of different directions to take this and a lot more secrets to uncover.

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An amazing hour with equally amazing reveals.

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