Riverdale “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil” Review


After the sinful events of last week’s episode, this week’s one to brace yourself for when the Black Hood is likely to be on the move again. This show is at its darkest when no one feels safe. I mean you would think these people might play nice with one another with someone watching their every moves so intently, but human nature am I right?

You know, they really do know how to play with us when it comes to Archie and Veronica. These two could go the distance if they weren’t clearly troubled because of who they are as individuals. Though even with that said, the relationship issues they find here was as natural as it comes in high school. Some could call that cliche, but there’s no real way to challenge the durability of a relationship than the obstacle they faced. Now all of that aside, you had to question what would lead to Archie and Veronica tackling the Black Hood case, and it was a cool turn of events. These two switching roles to become more active in going up against the Black Hood is a welcomed change. If even for just one episode they are thinking again about something bigger than themselves.

This story of the Reaper was a nice contrast to the Black Hood. Even better that they could set a few minutes aside for us to actually visualize the brand of terror he caused during his time. Taking us back to the House of the Devil was chilling since the last time we were here was only momentarily. At the end of their investigation, what they learn was a step in the right direction even if it wasn’t the answers they were looking for.

When it comes to Jughead, they have really dug him into a questionable hole. On one end he is tricked into doing dirty deeds whether he wants to or not, on the other end you have Jughead making bolder move with the Serpents that may or may not make him some enemies.  This is someone you wish would keep his head down for his own safety, but he wouldn’t be who he is if that ever happened. F.P. getting released from prison wasn’t something you saw coming, but using him in that way was becoming a bit too cliche if you ask me. Someone’s parent will always end up in prison, but the best way to go about it is not to drag it on longer than necessary. His reaction was as expected, but also surprising when realizing that he has gone through a number of changes while gone to clean himself up.

The welcome home party I wouldn’t say was predictable, but you were waiting for how this would go wrong. I mean that is not to say they didn’t throw us one hell of a twist, but you just knew from the start that this wasn’t going to end very well. Till that moment, you had to love the entrance that Betty and her mom made. One stepping back into that life if only for one night, and the other embracing a different side to her. The biggest shock however was the musical number between Archie and Veronica. I feel that these are always welcomed no matter the character or episode.

Now that a week has passed, I can finally get into the creepiness that is Cheryl trying to have Josie all to herself. That was something you would never have seen coming till that episode. I don’t know what to call it when it comes to Cheryl, she has been through so much and who knows where her mind really is at. It was only good to as well see that air of awkwardness develop between them when she begins to become a bit much.

Riverdale “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil” got crazy for everyone who had something in their lives to deal with. I could only be disappointed that the Black Hood didn’t actually do anything like he said he would. Didn’t need to be a murder or someone getting hurt, but just a way t bring back that fear. Next week should be the time to crank the dial, even if up one.

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