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The episode opens to a SHIELD agent/trucker named Mack, guess they couldn’t  find a more generic trucker name. Also fun to note he’s pulling a Rocky Mountain  Office supply trailer, who’s logo is written in Office Max font. Immediately after  declaring everything is great one of his escort vehicles is thrown from the road by an  invisible force. The same unseen force makes short work of his other escort vehicles  then lifts his truck into the air to drop it leaving it ripe for the picking. The hijackers  who have access to this invisible force that lifts cars then uses an excavator to tear  open the trailer. Now at first this seemed odd, they couldn’t use the force thing to  open the trailer? Or use the torch they produced moments later to cut into a secret compartment inside the trailer? Once inside said compartment they kidnap a scientist by the name Franklin Hall. This is a bit of a spoiler for a true Marvel nerd, who will already know he is Graviton.

Then we see Ward “training” Skye, apparently all it takes to be a SHIELD agent is to say you want to be an agent then hit a punching bag, Ward lectures her on the importance of this “training” and we see the two of them grow ever so closer to hooking up, we all know its goin to happen they should just hurry up and get it over with.Marvelss-Agent-of-S.H.I.E.L.D.-1x03-Promo-The-Asset-Video-Preview

After examining the scene of the incident, they return to the plane and trace the tread marks to the owner of the excavator. So that’s why the kidnappers used the unnecessary piece of equipment to perform a relatively simple task, without it they wouldn’t be able to further the plot. Also in this scene we see agent May hand Skye a giant binder that contains all of the communications from SHIELD since they decided to move Hall, and that begs the question with all of the computer and electronic equipment SHIELD has at it’s disposal why would they use a binder and paper to keep records? Oh wait, its so Skye can slip in one of her one-liners, I get it now.

The agents track the tread marks to a cowboy, not sure why it had to be a cowboy but ok, that leads them to a businessman named Ian Quinn. Quinn has found an element that Hall had theorized about, Gravitonium and he needs the professor to help him control it.

Coulson’s team decides to go after the professor on their own,so SHIELD can disavow all knowledge of the team’s action if they get caught, I see this becoming a regular thing. It’s decided that Skye will go in undercover to drop the defenses so the others can rescue the professor. There’s another scene of Ward and Skye “training” that lets Ward open up about his crappy childhood, and their relationship grows even more right before our eyes.asset231-710x400

Once Skye is inside the compound where Hall is being held, she gets caught trying to break into Quinn’s office. She blows her own cover by telling him she’s working with SHIELD, and we’re left to wonder, “Is she really going to betray Coulson and the others?” This maybe she’s good, maybe she’s bad thing is going to get old really quick. We also learn that despite all the technological advances they’ve made in this universe they are unable to make a communications device that’s water proof.

Coulson and Ward are attacked while trying to breach the compound to save Hall and at the last minute as they are about to be over run by bad guys Skye comes through and the defenses are down allowing them to escape their attackers. Coulson proceeds to rescue Hall and Ward goes off the find Skye, Coulson learns that Hall allowed himself to be kidnapped so he could destroy the Gravitonium. Ward saves Skye, and Coulson tries to talk Hall down. Hall gives exposition and makes a speech about how sacrificing a few to save millions is ok, typical super villain stuff. Once everything has been explained and all the loose ends are tied together, Coulson sacrifices Hall to stop the Gravitonium machine from killing everybody in the compound.

Then for some reason, Coulson orders the Gravitonium to be locked in an unmarked vault instead shooting it into the sun like they did last week’s incredibly dangerous weapon, despite this week’s weapon being much more dangerous. We get another piece of the “what really happened to Coulson after The Avengers?” puzzle as he struggles to load a pistol. We get another scene of Skye and Ward training, this time Skye opens up about her crappy childhood and they move ever closer to the imminent hook up. And after the credits we see the Gravitonium in the vault and Hall’s hand reaches out of it for a brief moment revealing he is in fact Graviton.

This episode was a little cookie cutter and predictable, and the one-liners that at first were cute and funny are starting to wear thin after three episodes. But it’s an enjoyable show and this wasn’t a bad episode, a solid A.

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Not a bad episode,but here's hoping the series gets better as it goes.

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