Second Opinion: Batman and Two Face #25


So far we know Erin McKillen is back in Gotham to show everyone that her crime family still holds some dominion over the city because one can only run things from afar for long. Meanwhile Harvey Dent is hellbent on getting Erin for killing his wife in front of him all those years ago, unfortunately for them Batman is caught in the middle of it all.

This issue shows Erin McKillen in jail as she requests for Bruce Wayne to have Batman incorporated protect her from Two Face [someone’s been out of the loop] only to have Bruce decline her request. Even though Batman cannot and will not help her there is one other person that’s extremely close to Bruce Wayne who just might be a perfect match for the job.

Now here’s the reason I regard this title as one of the top bat-titles, right up there with the recently concluded Batman inc. Peter J. Tomassi is a veteran in the game and if anything, hes learned from his time working with Johns and Morrison that a story does not always need to be straight forward. There are two main types of story telling, plot driven and character driven. Most critics say that a character driven story is only as good as the cast in it thus rendering a story useless if the protagonist and antagonist are not interesting enough to grab the readers attention, but Tomassi proved to be the exception to the rule. When you look at his story arcs he tends to always leave clues in the form of crumbs along the way for the reader to follow, sometimes they’re big chunks like Damian sneaking off into the sewers every other night, other times they come in the form of a sentence in the middle of a flashback scene and though the delivery is not always perfect, the payoff is always the same, with some sort of big emotional moment that adds a new dimension to the characters persona for years to come while simultaneously playing with the readers heartstrings making for an addictive series (i.e. Damian finding Martha Waynes pearl for his dad as a present). I’ts understandable where some of these writing elements can be mistaken as “clunky” or “out of place” when in reality all one has to do is step back and look at the bigger picture as a quilt that will be finished once the creative team ends their story.

Overall the pacing was fluid for the most part, and the flashback scene transitioned smoother than last months issue and lets be straight with one another, the creative team is good but they’re no Alan Moore/ Brian Bolland so don’t expect the flashback transitions to be anything like the Jokers on the Killing Joke not even everyone’s golden child Scott Snyder can pull flashback transition scenes as such. and as for the art itself, well you’re talking about a guy who started off filling in for Doug Mahnkee and, whether people hate him or love him, he has always given the most consistent quality artwork on time on a monthly basis, you don’t see your Jim Lees, Greg Capullos, or David Finchs pulling off quality on the regular without missing a beat, they all have to have fill in artists because apparently their styles “takes too long” thus adding unnecessary epilogues and filler issues that compromise the integrity of the story as a whole. One last thing I noticed happens to be on the solicits for this book  that advertised Harvey’s connection with Carrie Kelley being revealed on this issue which does not happen, but yours truly can only assume that when the time comes for that big payoff I mentioned earlier, Carrie though not on the spotlight yet may just be the connection between McKillen and Two Face, if you catch my drift.

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This issue served its purpose building some groundwork towards what could possibly be a shocking reveal an issue or two down the road depending on how long the creative team decides to drag this out.

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