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Episode 2 of NBC’s the Blacklist titled “The Freelancer” continues to raise my expectations for this series in the long run. At this point I believe that I am beginning to have a feeling of what this series will bring. This series is throwing a few obvious plot points at us. I do believe that the writers are aware of this and are using the very tactics that Raymond uses to throw us off. Until they are ready to show us what is really going on in the background of this interesting series.

The episode begins with both Raymond and Elizabeth being questioned by the FBI. After the events that took place in episode 1. It is clear that there is some kind of internal connection between the two characters. As they are be questioned Raymond reveals that the FBI is wasting time and that another attack will take place that very day. The FBI is lead to a rail yard where they expect to find some kind of explosive device. Instead they find themselves right in the middle of a major Train accident which kills close to 60 people. Raymond reveals the man responsible for this is named “The Freelancer”. He specializes in disguising political assassinations as natural accidents.

As the episode progress Raymond and Elizabeth visit a restaurant where the two of them have a personal talk. It is then revealed that Raymond identified that “The Freelancer” was at the restaurant and informs them that the next target is a humanitarian lady figure. Elizabeth approaches her and informs explains that she has been targeted by someone by are not sure how he will attempt to assassinate her. Raymond on the other hand is finally given a deal he accepts and brings in his own team. Although in this episode we aren’t really given much about these two team members. I’m sure they will play a much bigger part and the series progresses. As the episode progress both Raymond and Elizabeth arrive at a party which is hosted by the main target. Raymond spots “The Freelancer” and has Elizabeth evacuate everyone at the party which the FBI chases the assassin down. Elizabeth and the FBI manage to capture the man and begin to interrogate him. He reveals that he was hired by Raymond to act as a distraction so that Raymond could kill the target himself. As Raymond speaks with the target it is revealed that the main target has being using her humanitarian cover up to hide the fact that she is running the human trafficking for the cartel. As Elizabeth races in Raymond reveals that he had the target poisoned at the party. As she is laying there dying Raymond says he will only give here the antidote if she confesses to all of her terrible acts. As the episode comes to a close Raymond speaks with Elizabeth about what she will do with the hidden box with the multiple identities of her husband. She is faced with a difficult choice but ultimately decides to place the box back in its hiding spot and pretend it doesn’t exist.

This was a great second episode setting up events that are sure to take place as series continues. As I stated in my last review it is clear that there is some kind of connection between Raymond and Elizabeth that appears to be obvious. One moment that really stood at to me in this episode is near the end when Elizabeth accepts the advice from Raymond on what to do with her husband. This tells me that Elizabeth on some level does trust Raymond even if she won’t admit it. Most people that I have spoken to about this believe that Elizabeth is Raymond’s daughter. But as the tone of show has shown us nothing is ever as clear as you are meant to believe. James Spaders performance continues to impress me.  Raymond is clearly the type of character that uses misdirection and deception to his advantage to achieve his own goals. How long this will continue on I do not know. But what is clear to me is that when the master plan that I am sure Raymond is planning is reveal. It has the potential to being one the biggest plot revels I have ever seen for crime drama.

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The show continues to peak my interest and James Spader's character Raymond continues to be the best thing about this show. I just hope the entire series doesn't repeat the same plot elements seen up to this point.

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