Thor: The Dark World Movie Review by Alexander Robinson


Don’t worry, the villain is real this time.

Taking place after the events of The Avengers, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is brought to trial and is sentenced for life in prison after the Battle of New York. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his friends are off bringing peace to the nine realms when suddenly he learns that back on earth Jane Foster has discovered this weapon called Aether. This is not good news because it awakens the dark elf, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) who many eons ago tried using it to destroy the universe. So Malekith is determined to get back the Aether and Thor is on a journey to stop him, even if it means that he has to team up with Loki.


Out of all the solo films in Marvel’s Phase 2, this was the one I was the least excited for. It’s not that I was dreading it, but it’s just that Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy were much higher on my must see list. So I kind of went into this movie with neutral expectations and I’m happy to say that I came out of it with a good feeling. Unlike my first viewing of Iron Man 3, I knew exactly how I felt about this movie. There are many points that were improved over the first Thor and some points that the first film did better. Hiring Alan Taylor who has directed many episodes of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones was an excellent choice, he brought a more impressive look to Asgard and made it even more developed then it was in the first one. The production design, costumes, and cinematography are all great, even if they are a little reminiscent of Game of Thrones. The action scenes are much better then they were in the first movie and one thing that I noticed in the first Thor was a lot of dutch angle shots and when watching it in prep for this one it seemed to annoy me. I’m grateful that there are none in this movie. The score is good, the actors are good. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston both on the roles of Thor and Loki respectively and everyone else did a great job.

However there were some stuff that the first movie simply did better. One thing that I wish wasn’t in this movie was Kat Dennings. As hot as she may be, I just don’t see a point to her being in these movies to begin with. She’s not a character from the comics to begin with and even though she’s thankfully not in it as much as the first movie, most of her humor isn’t all that enjoyable. There were a few chuckles from her, but if she was cut from the movie, no one would miss her. Speaking of the humor, that itself was a mixed bag, as I mentioned Kat Dennings isn’t funny, but whenever it’s subtle bits of humor like when Thor is back on Earth, those moments worked for me. The best humor usually came from Thor’s time on Earth as well as some of the stuff that Loki does around him.


Another problem I had which is something I consider to be the main flaw with this movie was Malekith. Without hesitation, he is easily the weakest villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He wasn’t that interesting, his motivation didn’t make a whole lot of sense, and he seemed a bit too generic. Imagine if Loki is Toy Story 3, then Malekith is Cars 2. The one thing I do like about him though was his redesign; in the comics he looked too bright and colorful to be a Dark Elf, but in this movie his new look makes sense to what he is. He also is damn powerful, more then a match for Thor, however he’s still a big step down from Loki. Hopefully in the third movie they could bring in the Enchantress to be a villain.


I did have a lot of fun with this movie in the end though. I like it slightly less then Thor and it’s currently my least favorite film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s still fun, exciting, has a great cameo and a good mid-credits scene. I can’t wait to see it again.

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