Sons of Anarchy ‘Poor Little Lambs’ Review


*mild spoilers within*

“It ain’t about revenge anymore. You’re just doing it because it feels good”

Nero says this to Gemma about Jax midway through the episode and it perfectly encapsulates what this last season is. This is madness started by vengeance and furthered by blind rage with a little power thirst thrown in. This episode is an illustration of what Sons of Anarchy can do when it is at its very best. ‘Poor Little Lambs’ is a game changing episode that finally makes this season feel like the last one.

The entire situation with the Chinese is the biggest storyline here. It doesn’t feel like that though until much later in the episode and that’s why its such a genius episode. SAMCRO is dealing now with the fallout of killing the sex addict Reverend last episode. Turns out he is a much needed asset to August because he controls a property that August wants for a money laundering scheme. This leads the guys to the home of the Reverend’s wife and stepson and brings fan favorite Venus back into the game.

The other major issue for SAMCRO is Jax’s deal with the white supremacists group led by Marilyn Manson’s character. This leads the gang to a drug deal that should have gone fine but instead erupts into something much bigger than any of them could have imagined. Instead of a simple drug deal (when are they ever REALLY simple), two officers from the Sheriff’s department trail Jax, Chibs and Bobby. The white supremacists shoot at the cops and once again SAMCRO is in the crosshairs of the police department. That fragile trust was broken.

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These two arcs are almost disjointed but it’s Sheriff Jarry that keeps them together. Annabeth Gish is the best new law enforcement character the show has ever seen. Eli Roosevelt was a great cop but was never that compelling and Agent Stahl was someone you wanted dead from day one. Sheriff Jarry knows this game. She wants to keep the fragile trust that exists and that’s why she hired Wayne. The attack by the Chinese on the club, in two different and extremely violent ways, is going to damage this trust. Gish is playing the character in a way that this show has not really seen outside of Maggie Siff as Tara. She’s almost a member of the club. Since she’s walked into town she’s had plenty of reason to lock these guys up but hasn’t. Part of this is probably Chibs and the other part is that she’s just smarter than everyone knows.

Up until this episode the entire Jax wanting revenge storyline felt a little stagnant but tonight it was blown wide open (literally) and has made the season feel like the last one. Gemma’s lie has come back to hurt everyone and it’s going to cause even more people to die. The entire episode she had some of the best darkly comedic scenes. She told off a mom at school, made jokes at Diosa and even had a great mother/son moment with Jax. Enjoy it now because it’s almost certain all this was done on purpose. Everything will literally fall apart here and the foreboding to it was genius.

Sons-of-Anarchy-0704-645x370As I mentioned earlier there’s a seeming blossoming romance between Jarry and Chibs. There was also another romance put on display tonight and it was the much “shipped” duo of Venus and Tig. Thank you Kurt Sutter for creating Venus. Not only is she utterly hilarious but it’s also amazing to see a biker gang with what would be considered “manly” men embracing her. Even better to see a guy like Tig who’s had sex with almost everyone be so into Venus as a woman. This seems to fly under the radar when people discuss this show so it deserves a mention. The Jarry and Chibs attraction could be huge. Imagine Jax not knowing who told the Chinese everything. He sees the mutual attraction, fingers Chibs for it, out goes Chibs. Bold prediction but it’s plausible since Jax is completely blinded by arrogance and anger right now.

This episode was a stunner in many senses but it was a perfect example of what this show is known for. There were some amazing black comedy moments and some seriously violent moments that propel the show into a place that none of these characters are ready for.

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'Poor Little Lambs' is a perfect episode because of how important it is to the season. It does everything right and shows why Sons of Anarchy is one of the best dramas in the last 15 years.

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