Star Wars The Clone Wars’ final season coming to Netflix


You read that right folks the long talked about final batch of episodes will finally be seeing a release thanks to the deal between Disney and Netflix. Now what is so exciting about this news aside from the fact that not only are these episodes finally coming out, but that fans of the series will hopefully receive the proper send off this series deserves. But we also know out that these episodes (which would have made up part of the sixth season before it was cancelled in favor of Disney’s upcoming Star Wars Rebels series) are being dubbed The Lost Missions. Which I find rather fitting since I’m sure fans were becoming as worried as I was when it came to if we were ever going to see these episodes, some of which were actually supposed to be part of the fifth season before being cut for unknown reasons. Thankfully it will not be a short season comprised of a few extra episodes but 13 full length episodes, and while that isn’t as much as the previous seasons(due to Disney cancelling the series as well as the team being moved to focus on Rebels)but it is so much better than nothing at all.

What else is a much welcome surprise is that not only are we getting the final season, but we will be getting seasons 1-5 with some episodes apparently being director’s cut versions as well as the movie that debuted in theaters back in 2008. As to when will we be able to see these episodes, well you won’t have to wait long since all the episodes of The Lost Missions will go up on Netflix March 7th. At this time it is not known when the rest of the series will be made available on Netflix but I’m willing to bet it will be up the same day as the new episodes or soon after. And while I cannot wait to sit down and watch these episodes, I must say that it is such a shame that these episodes weren’t finished in time to be made a part of the Clone Wars complete box set. Which begs the question when will these be made available to buy on Blu-ray/DVD for people like myself who prefer to actually own them. Though I’m sure they will be released sometime around the spring or summer in time for Rebels’ premiere.

“Spoiler Warning”
Now when it comes down to the actual episodes from what we’ve seen it looks great, but here are some things I hope we get to see or at least hear about. Since we have no idea if Ashoka will at all pop up in Rebels I hope we get to see what she has been up to since leaving the Jedi, and perhaps seeing if she makes it out of Order 66 alive. Order 66 by the way has been teased in a clip that came out months ago showing what appeared to be a clone trooper attacking a Jedi, so that gives me hope that we will get pretty close to the events of Revenge of the Sith. Though I am really hoping they actually finish the series off with Darth Maul being left alive, Ashoka shown surviving Revenge of the Sith, fate of Rex and Cody, as well as them just really letting the last episodes focus on the events of Order 66 with the beginnings of the Republic’s conversion to the Empire. Not to mention letting the series go out on a good note.

With that being said I’m so freaking excited to not only be able to finally watch the episodes but that the wait won’t be long. Now don’t forget to check back on Geekedoutnation for a review of each episode not long after they are up on Netflix, as well as check below for a clip Netflix posted on YouTube.


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