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Suicide Squad MovieIf there was any DCU movie to look forward to, this had to be the one. We talk about how their movies are too dark and depressing, and then here we are at the one movie where they have all the room to give us something fun. The only criticism any fan could have had about Suicide Squad before going to see it is clearly the choice in design for both Harley Quinn and the Joker. Looks that would have either grown on you, or you wait patiently for them to give you a reason to overlook. Aside from this, Suicide Squad simply comes off as the type of comic book movie like Deadpool where you are just looking to have a good time.

I have to say that Suicide Squad turned out to be an enjoyable comic book movie. The critics say that this one was a mess of a movie to which I would disagree. It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst, but it also wasn’t as bad as some made it out to be. It almost felt like over-exaggerations to some extent. Truthfully this was one of those movies where you had to go in with an open mind towards the things that seem ridiculous, the things that may not make all too much sense. At best Suicide Squad is written like a blockbuster, so when you go see the movie adaptation you are looking for the same portrayal on-screen. It’s all about the entertainment value and all the action that comes with this misfit team.

The biggest fear going into Suicide Squad was that this is a big cast. You look at most Task Force X groups and before the movie even started rolling you had to be questioning why they were possibly trying to shoehorn that many members into this iteration of the team. Especially for the first one of the cinematic world. Luckily those fear were put to rest quite early on. The villain was addressed, that one member of the team who hilariously gets his/hr head blown off to make a statement was established. And from there we were able to move on with the characters that this would really focus on. The dynamics worked well having no clear spotlight given to one over the others. For the most part I would say that each got a good amount of screen time with the exception of Joker. Some say he was there for maybe about twenty minutes though honestly that is probably all you could have cared for since Jared Leto never appealed leading up to the movie release.

Suicide Squad Movie 2When they said that Will Smith’s role as Deadshot was written with him in mind, that showed with almost every scene. For those familiar with his character in the comics, Will Smith nailed it. He cares about his daughter, he cares about honor as an assassin, he is always quick to really take point as a leader, and he has a mouth on him that challenges whatever and whoever pisses him off. Margo Robbie was the biggest wild card, almost as much as Harley herself. It was hard to tell if she would live up to the expectations of us finally getting a Harley Quinn in a live-action movie. Some jokes were hit and miss, but for the most part she was spot on making any dull scene entertaining. Surely did miss any opportunities to show how Harley is very comfortable with being sexy too. I think most probably appreciated most that this Harley wasn’t the cliche of being ditzy or overly attached to Joker. Being the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn she is self-aware of who she is and the things she does from everyone elses point of view. It helped that they hit every vital part of her past and her capabilities. Especially showing that there is a brain behind that madness. She meshed very well with almost every character she interacted with. In general for a lot of them it was just fun to see them embrace what it feels like to be bad. To be seen as weapons and treated as if you were disposable. Pretty much all the things we were supposed to get into seeing how there is always more to this than bad guys doing bad things for good reasons.

Chato had to be the favorite because for a team of villains he is the only one who never truly blends in for not embracing his role as a bad guy. He is the bad guy seeking redemption, he is the heart of the team, and Jay Hernandez was perfect for the role being able to capture this.

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag was also interesting, you liked him for being the hardass he is in the books, though you were here and there about the way they tried to make him sympathetic. It would have been better in some scenes if they let us hate him more for the same reasons we did Waller. And of course hate in a good way, because all of these people are guilty of something. Viola Davis killed it as Amanda Waller. The only word you can genuinely use to describe Waller is being a bitch, and she is THE bitch. There wasn’t anything else that she had to be and Davis is well accustomed to the type of attitude she needed to bring to the table for this role. Especially when you need that character who could give no ***** about what has to be done to get the job done. That comes with making more enemies than you can count.

Suicide Squad Movie 4I was only slightly disappointed with Captain Boomerang for the fact that it didn’t feel as though he got enough parts. Jai Courtney had the best portrayal ever of this character and it felt like they could have done just a little more. Particularly when it comes to the rivalry between him and Deadshot. They pushed more for that tension between Deadshot and Rick Flag which you expected from the trailers, and the good thing is that they at least did well with how those two worked off of each other.

Would probably say that the plot for this is as basic as they come for an action movie. Though that should be as far as you go in terms of expectations. Expecting the best storytelling ever is just ridiculous. It would mean you had never read a Suicide Squad book before. The only problem you could see that was hard to ignore is where the last-minute edits were made that either affected the pacing, or made scenes feel off for the way they transitioned. The word I would use is jumpy if explaining the way things looked at times. It was as if they wanted those character moments but needed to progress the story out of necessity. There were definitely some moments at the end as well where they overused the slow motion effect and could have toned it down. If anyone had any real problems with the movie at the end of the day, they really do have to take that up with the studio. That would be on them for their interference with what probably didn’t need messing with. Hopefully there will be a DVD/Blu-ray with what wasn’t touched.

Suicide Squad overall had action, it had humor, and you have to be able to admit to yourself that this is how you write villains. This is how you write them without needing to make them apologize for who they are. They’re bad, they do bad things, they make mistakes, they can do a bad thing to save someone. Compared to any other DC/WB movie so far this one I would say deserves a sequel. There’s so much more you can do with these characters without the need to anchor things down to what is going on with the rest of the world.

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