Superhero-Inspired Bingo Games Are The Future


Comic books have served as an inspiration for many movies, TV series, books and fan art, or even Broadway musicals, in the past. And for games – action and adventure titles, fighting games and shooters were based on comic book characters. And, of course, online bingo games, building on the newly found popularity of the major comic book universes. And these are the ones I will take a look at today.

Bingo has been a popular game since the early 1920s. It is loved by those who play it because of its ease of use and an instant sense of achievement. It may seem like a game meant for an elderly crowd but it is a game that is played by people of all ages. Recently the wide spectrum of bingo players belongs to ages 35 and below.  24 hours a day. With its massive popularity it’s no wonder online bingo has been taking over the world. Websites like are providing players to play when they want and how they want. And with the age expanding and the popularity of superheroes at an all-time peak bingo should start dipping into the well of superheroes and give us a new exciting way to enjoy bingo.

The best superhero-themed bingo games are the ones that revolve around your favorite characters. One of the best superhero films of all time is The Dark Knight Rises, so a bingo game centered around that would be awesome. Let players see cut scenes from the movie when bingo is hit and also feature animations of Batman fighting Bane through the screen. It can be an immersive game, with a great atmosphere. I can assure you this bingo game starting the cap crusader would be one of the most popular.

So that’s DC lets head over to Marvel, and dive into the deep deep well of superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, the X-Men (with Wolverine getting his own dedicated game), Spider-Man, Blade or Daredevil. What could make these games interesting (and very popular) is if they took a page from the movie universe and had a type of bingo shared the world with progressive earnings. Playing any of these games would make a player an instant millionaire.

And now we can even get into others kinds of superheroes that might be a bit darker and mature. Let’s take a look at my personal favorite comic book character: Judge Dredd. Although he is not exactly super (aside from his absolute dedication to law and his superhuman physique), he deserves to be mentioned here. There are decades of great stories and animations that we could pick from that it would make for an awesome bingo game. The times when Dredd only existed on the pages of comic books (before Sly or Urban put the helmet on). The game’s visuals create the comics’ grungy, depressing and post-apocalyptic atmosphere. It could even come with the background music that really gives it that dirty grunge feel.

There are still plenty of ideas that are left to mention, but I will just stop here. The future of bingo can expand into all kinds of genres but the best one is superheroes because they are at an apex right now. I expect game developers to explore the newly revealed world of comic book superheroes and make bingo even more popular.

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