Superior Spider-Man #21 Review


In this episode, AJ reviews Superior Spider-Man #21. Be sure to watch our video for a much more in depth breakdown. This is the second issue in what you could vaguely call an arc. This entire series flows so well between stories that it is hard to truly call any of it an arc. Regardless, this takes place almost immediately after issue #20. For those of you that haven’t read issue 20, basically Superior Spider-Man is at the verge of losing his chance at a doctorate and Doc Ock’s former girlfriend Stunner is out to kill Spider-Man. That’s pretty much all you need to know at this point. This story is amazing so far. Dan Slott has yet to let us down with this series and this issue is no different. We as readers find ourselves hating but at the same time rooting for Doc Ock which is both awkward and a testament to Dan Slott’s writing ability. First off the choice to bring back Stunner was brilliant. For those of you that don’t know who she is, watch our video! It was cool to have her back because it was comic candy to long time fans, but also educational to newer readers. Stunner’s technology was also smart because now (SPOILERS) we have a, “real,” Doctor Octopus back. Also the fact that Carly officially claims that Doctor Octopus is Spider-Man is amazing to us fans and we find ourselves genuinely rooting for her. This issue was really good; the way that little things tied together in the end was nice, the art was good, and the Green Goblin tease was also great. Any Spider-Man fan not reading this series is truly missing out on a great story.

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This was a great issue. Doc Ock is really growing as a character and we as the fans love to hate him. The story is really moving along and who knows where it will take us next.

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