Support This Kickstarter! Six (A Horror Anthology) by Fabian Rangel Jr.

Some of the very best comics are not actually published by any of the big publishers. They’re actually on Kickstarter. Before Kickstarter, independent creators had almost no way to get their books out to the public. Thanks to Kickstarter, we can take part in supporting creators directly and the comics we want made. Today we bring you Fabian Rangel Jr.’s latest project, Six (A Horror Anthology).

Six is a collection of original horror shorts from the creator of Doc Unknown (available here). The campaign started last night and runs until October 8th. The anthology contains six horror stories that really cater to any horror fan. Just look at the range in stories you’ll get.

The Blood and the Snow: A lone warrior is haunted by her past as she faces a creature of monstrous proportions!

The Souls of Wicked Men: Two train-robbing outlaws are ambushed and soon find themselves in the company of true evil!

No Stranger to Death: A young man learns looks can be decieving when he lets an old door-to-door salesman into his home!

Stinky: Two bullies learn they’ve been messing with the wrong kid in this 80’s revenge story!

When The Evil Came: A young woman recalls the nightmarish events of her childhood as she struggles with her own sanity!

Our Own Wars: War is Hell. It’s even worse when you throw the undead into the mix!


Perks range from physical copies of the anthology to original art. Doc Unknown is a fantastic series so there’s little reason to think this won’t be a great buy. Support great comics, click on this link and get to backing!


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