Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 ” Dark Moon” Recap/Review


Teen Wolf is back for a fourth season for 12 episodes and Scott and his pack are in for new danger. As seen in season 3, Teen Wolf will be its audience more mature and dark themes while keeping the essence of the show and characters we have come to love.

teen wolf 4x01 dark moon

Scott and his pack take a trip down to Mexico in search of Derek Hale. Stiles and Lydia try to pay off the spanish hunters known as the Caleveras. However this fails and Scott, Malia and Kira fight off their enforcers till the hunters release wolfsbane into the air rendering Scott and Malia helpless. Scott amd Lydia are then chained to chairs and are to be electrocuted in they fail to give the correct answers. Scott is shocked several times and reveals that the one who they are searching for is actually Kate Argent not the hunters.

The hunters let them before giving Scott a warning, if he kills anyone they will come for him. Scott and his pack along with Bradean a mercenary head to an old spanish church that was built over an ancient aztec temple.   Stiles car stops letting Scott and Bradean travel on. While Scott and Bradean head to the church Stiles is trying to fix his car when Malia catches the scent of something and heads after it with Kira behind her. Malia returns injuryed and they all get in the now fixed car and catch up with Scott.

teen wolf 4x01 dark moon

In the church Scott and Bradean are searching for Derek while being chased by something. Scott lets out an alpha roar scaring the thing away. A secret entrance opens and Scott and Bradean head inside. Scott hears Dereks heartbeat and breaks the wall releasing him. They head outside to find Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Kira had arrived. However when Derek Hale looks up he somehow he’s teenage self.


Teen Wolf season 4 “Dark Moon” starts off the a bit slow but builds anticipation for the rest of the season. This episode Dark Moon shows everyone who is a part of Scotts pack working together and each of them get a moment to shine with their skills. Also the was a moment where in the club with Malia and Kira dancing with each other had a bit of a girl on girl action going on to which shouldn’t be there because it had nothing to do with the plot of the episode. Also with the season they are two new strong female characters in the show Kira the kitsune and Malia the werecoyote. Since in previous seasons there was only Lydia the banshee and Allison the hunter who is now deceased. It helps to balance out the many strong male characters on the show especially when it comes to the supernatural aspect of the show.

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Teen Wolf is back with a new bag of supernatural treats

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