Tencent Games Partners with SLIVER.tv on New eSports Channel Powered by Theta Network


Tencent Games, developer of next-gen battle royale Ring of Elysium, has announced a partnership with blockchain eSports entertainment platform SLIVER.tv. Powered by Theta rewards, the 24/7 live eSports channel will feature streamers from FaZe Clan, Method, NRG and will include interactive predictions, trivia, and prizes for viewers. Unique in-game items, such as the Golden Winged Jacket skin, will be purchasable in the SLIVER.tv store for Theta tokens.

“We’re excited to be partnering with SLIVER.tv and bringing unique Theta rewards to Ring of Elysium players,” said Tencent Games. “We want viewers to be able to become part of the eSports experience, and will be able to do so with the interactive eSports channel with SLIVER.tv.”

Ring of Elysium launched September 19th for free on Steam and has been well-received by players, achieving positive reviews on Steam and a growing eSports following. While viewing Ring of Elysium matches on community-driven live streaming platform SLIVER.tv, players will be able to earn Theta tokens by logging in, watching live content, and will also be eligible to win premium crates. Viewers can also use tokens to purchase in-game exclusive skins and premium items or for discounts on real-world products from sponsors.

“Our partnership with Tencent Games will help us continue to drive interactive eSports by featuring exciting content from Ring of Elysium,” said Mitch Liu, co-founder, and CEO of SLIVER.tv and Theta Labs, Inc. “Combined with our unique Theta rewards and blockchain technology, users become part of the eSports experience, driving greater engagement and retention for our partners and games.”

About Ring of Elysium
Aurora Tencent Studio (formerly known as Europa) is proud to present the next generation of multiplayer online arena shooter using the Quicksilver X engine. Trapped on a snowy mountain assaulted by a disastrous snowstorm, the only way out is a rescue flight which can only save up to four people. Survivors must stay ahead of the approaching storm while eliminating competition. Welcome to Ring of Elysium.

  • Regional Transformation: The map is divided into predefined regions. The snowstorm will periodically transform the regions into frozen hell where hypothermia threatens. An inspired reimagination of the original Battle Royale movie settings, fueling a truly unique and memorable survival experience.
  • Rescue Helicopter: The goal is to board the rescue helicopter, which opens new strategic possibilities in the battle royale genre.
  • Convincing Natural Disaster: Highly detailed presentation of a snowstorm will provide the ultimate survival experience. The game world will change dynamically as the disaster progresses.
  • Various Player Abilities: Hang-gliding, snowboarding, mountaineering…Throwing extreme sports into the mix creates new playstyles limited only by imagination. While player’s fighting their way through the disaster, how best to utilize these abilities often mean the difference between life and death.
  • Highly Competitive: Satisfying gunplay built on great netcode provides an ideal environment for competitive players and others alike.
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