The Expanse “Dandelion Sky” Review


THE EXPANSE — “Dandelion Sky” Episode 310 — Pictured: (l-r) Cara Gee as Drummer, David Strathairn as Klaes Ashford — (Photo by: Rafy/Syfy)

The sci-fi madness continues as the Roci crew and the rest of humanity further test the boundaries of the unknown. I was pretty shocked by what has driven so many character of importance to thrust into the other side of the ring. Some look for a safe zone, justice, discovery, the chance to be a part of something big, or simply because of duty. With so many clashing motivations for this dangerous undertaking, you wonder who will come out of this in one piece or forever changed by the experience. I mean this doesn’t feel like an experience that you come out from the same.

This whole thing with Holden has been pretty crazy as he finally embraces being the hero of circumstance. He tried to run from the responsibility, but there was clearly nothing he could do when all of this mystery came knocking at his door. Despite Holden separating himself from the rest of the crew, it did help that he could now have a legitimate conversation with Miller on the way to the nucleus. Somehow he has pretty much retained all of his personality, and that was better than the fear that he would only be around to speak in riddles and metaphors. Of course you did wonder what had happened to Julie initially, but for the time being Miller made for a proper conversation to have about this current situation. The banter between them was some of them best you could ask for from two characters.

Now with that said, I do love the atmosphere they have set where at the same time you do have to wonder if there isn’t more to what’s going on with the appearance of Miller. I liked when Holden was finally able to ask the right questions. There was a seed of doubt that needed to be addressed before real progress could be made and it came with perfect execution. So when there was nothing left to do but complete the mission, Holden seeing the past, present, and future was quite the spectacle. Next to the transformation of the protomolecules, this was the next big stunning display capturing something extraordinary.

Still, through the perspective of Amos and Alex, we were finally able to get that experience from characters where it wasn’t all wonder or adrenaline. If you were looking for a real conversation, then these two definitely have not disappointed in that department. For as much that is different about them, there’s never denying that they are able to express things that they couldn’t with others. A lot of the time blunt, and tense, but they don’t mince words about what goes on around them.

THE EXPANSE — “Dandelion Sky” Episode 310 — Pictured: Nadine Nicole as Melba Koh — (Photo by: Rafy/Syfy)

After so much time apart from Bobbie, it was nice to once again see her in action. It only made sense that she would be able to return to her position, but that didn’t mean everything would be as it once was. The conflict she felt shook things up where she knows that there is more to what’s going on, but orders are orders when deployed to intercept this old friend. How they handled her approach to confronting this friend worked well enough. She needed proper motivation and they gave it to her. A lot of things can happen when you deal with Martians propped up in supersoldier armor, so the anticipation was key towards whatever this was leading to.

Anna, I continue to admire the role she has begun to play in this from a civilian point of view. Her sense of wonder as a woman of faith breaks barriers when she can sort out the possible from the impossible. That is a character who is never going to be short in interest. Especially when at the end of the day she proves that everyone has a part to play in the grand scheme of things. On the other end, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about Melba’s part in this. She wants her revenge, and she did get the ball rolling in her own way, but aside from that she becomes more of a distraction in contrast to what others have to offer.

All of that aside, the events unfolding on the Behemoth was a slow burn. Hard to say if this is for the best or not, but it did hurt interest in their part when Naomi departed from them. The best you can ask for at this point is for them to make their involvement count from the Belter point of view before anything else.

The Expanse “Dandelion Sky” took big leaps this week. It was satisfying to see what happens when they begin to put discovery before drama. Other things will unfold in time, but the big sell right now is everything that should be mind-blowing about the purpose of this ring.

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