The Expanse “Fallen World” Review


THE EXPANSE — “Fallen World” Episode 311 — Pictured: (l-r) Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper, Steven Strait as James Holden — (Photo by: Rafy/Syfy)

Last week’s episode of The Expanse was one of the most mind-blowing this season between effects and plot progression. It was satisfying to see what happens when they begin to put all of this sci-fi discovery before drama. Other things will unfold in time, but the big sell right now is everything that should be captivating about the purpose of this ring. Especially when we need to make sense of all the things Holden saw when interfaced with the ring’s nucleus.

Suspense kicked into overdrive at this point when one action changed everything. No matter who was doing what, this change in defensive measures by the ring threw everyone off of their current course. For Bobbie, there was panic to deal with when she and her team are at the heart of this. Not to mention you have an unresponsive Holden who should have the answer for what has happened, or what box he has now opened by activating that terminal. The tension with Bobbie’s team does question where things may go wrong for them. While you see plenty of people out here adjusting to the peace between everyone, them seem to be the only ones who can’t help seeing enemies in every direction. You already know this doesn’t sit well with Bobbie, and the anticipation does build up towards what happens when she decides its time again to not simply be another soldier.

For Naomi, this adventure of hers to reunite with the Rocinante crew has been daring. Abandoning the Belters as their lead engineer, ignoring orders to stay away from the Roci, and throwing herself into the unknown to assure that there was nothing else between her and that ship. The suspense for what she found was enough to get the heart racing. There’s one thing they played smart this week, and that was the pacing between finding out where everyone found themselves with the speed limit shift. This could have easily been one of those times where they decided to start pulling the plug left and right. Only one loss this episode actually stung, but I’m actually glad it was just that one. Back on point, Naomi coming at the time she did was smart. Any other approach maybe wouldn’t have been as well received, but this was the best way to show that the Rocinante crew is her family.

This episode has to be the first time since Naomi leaving where something has actually happened on the Behemoth. What the Martians did left no one unaffected by the ring. When we had Drummer and Ashford finding themselves trapped with few options for survival to look forward to, the big question was what exactly happened for them to be thrown into a situation where both needed help. As convenient or inconvenient this may have turned out, it was out of necessity foremost considering both characters needed that room to finally address the problems between them. I will say that this was the first time I could feel sympathy for them as well. How they broke the barriers between them was a tear jerker. Both so stubborn, but they could never see that they were truly cut from the same cloth. It’s always come down to a matter of pride, maybe for the most part on Drummer’s end, yet still it was a tough pill to swallow once one was ready to do something bold for the sake of seeing the bigger picture.

THE EXPANSE — “Fallen World” Episode 311 — Pictured: Elizabeth Mitchell as Anna Volovodov — (Photo by: Rafy/Syfy)

On the Thomas Prince, following Anna’s perspective was more interesting for the fact that she was seeing up close why this shift in the Ring was so dangerous. Through her eyes we could only see the wonders of the unknown, but now was the time for her eyes to be opened to what could easily turn into a one-way trip. Not only that, we finally were able to experience an actual loss that you could call heartbreaking.

I still can’t say that there is too much interest in what’s going on with Melba. She’s on a mission to hunt down her prey, but again in contrast to everyone else’s motivations, hers seem too petty and personal. It doesn’t get us anywhere at the end of the day. This episode was the only time where a scene involving her was exciting, and that was because there was no telling what she would do once she made it within reach of anyone aboard the Roci. I honestly would have been hurt if an encounter with her went any other way. She’s not someone you want to root for, and I’m glad they aren’t giving her that room. Especially when it came to who intercepted Melba.

The Expanse “Fallen World” was a brilliant hour of horror and suspense. The Ring is obviously not what anyone expected it to be, or has hoped for it to be. All it took was one wrong action ignoring the dangers of the unknown to rattle the cage that they are all stuck in. This is a time where every decision matters, and they made that statement with perfect execution.

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