The Flash “Cause and XS” Review


After one heck of a new villain encounter last week, I was very anxious to see what we had to look forward to next. There was only this feeling of worrying about the idea that this would be another episode centered around Nora. She has her moments, but the title gave this impression that Nora would be back to getting herself into trouble again. You already know that in some way this will either work or it won’t.

For a while now it has become more of a thing where everyone is following this rumor that Carlos Valdes may be leaving the show, which means no more Cisco/Vibe. While I am always for cast members being able to move on from a show that has gone on for so long, I always felt like this show never pushed Cisco as far as they could have, This is a hero in the DC Universe who was once hyped up as one of the strongest beings. A hero in the Arrowverse who at some point was teased to be powerful. But here we are. A Cisco who is ready to give up his powers for a normal life and a shot at love. If this was a long game that they have played for a departure, part of me feels like they could have done better. On the surface you could overlook the fact that a cure would ultimately stop Cicada if successful, but should a character leaving involve stripping them of their powers? Be it the cure or the search for love, these things felt like they were indulging the drama elements of The Flash more than necessary.

The date itself that Cisco goes on with Kamilla was equal parts entertaining and awkward. I think we all knew how this would play out for the most part, but that didn’t change getting one Cisco moment after the other. It probably didn’t help that he has a voice in his head that told him all the wrong things to do on this date, yet at the same time you would have thought Cisco to be more confident in who he is to fall for things he should have avoided.

With that said, it was to an extent intriguing to see how Team Flash could get to putting those finishing touches on the metahuman cure. Once again they have found an episode where there was no use for having Barry around. Not a problem, but two times in one half of a season catches your attention. Especially when they have to create these plot devices to remove the main character from the spotlight. I personally hate when they have to resort to such tactics, but these days it can also be hard to convince people that someone can just be off doing their own thing while other things occur.

While Iris’ actions last week were commendable for her infiltration and escape confronting Olun, this was never going to pass without a response. Not when things for the first time became personal. You could say it was when he attacked Nora, but everyone involved was still in costume and under a different name. This was a new kind of situation where one side is aware of the other which would lead to worse outcomes than any before. When this point in the episode came, I was deeply troubled by the execution of the scene. Mind the spoiler here, but if you see someone throw a dagger into the air and you know it can be telepathically controlled, why would you not warn the person coming to rescue you that there is a live weapon flying around? And the questions only ran deeper when it came time to understand what troubles Nora would face trying to rescue Iris. Mainly because Nora is an obstacle to herself. Simple solutions to so many of her problems and yet she always chooses to further complicate things. I mean what’s so wrong with being open to people?

The Flash “Cause and XS” left me with some mixed feelings. There was one too many things about this plot that probably could have done better. This episode was going to ultimately lead to the creation of the metahuman cure, but unfortunately it was a bit of a drag getting to that point. These characters need to be written organically in every action. Too many times I felt like decisions were forced which is a word I hate to use.

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