The Flash “Elseworlds, Part 1” Review


Kind of strange that we would kick off the Elseworlds crossover with The Flash on a Sunday. A temporary move of course, but nonetheless strange even with the knowledge that this is for a crossover. Either way, this is the start of the three-night crossover that we have all been waiting for since they first told us that this would end with our proper introduction to Batwoman. There’s a lot of things to look forward to here, and no one would be wrong with which they look forward to more than the other. My only hope was for a better start than last year’s crossover. It was pretty weak the way they began with Supergirl. And not because they started with Supergirl, but because there was no actual crossover content till the last few minutes.

There was a big difference this year when the crossover started from the very beginning of the episode. I can’t say that I was all too captivated by the opening scene either because of things that didn’t really click. There was a lot of who’s this, what is he talking about, and why him. Fortunately that didn’t play out as long as it could have, or maybe it should have for a little more clarity into what we are getting ourselves into.

From the minute we jumped into Oliver waking up as Barry, I also noticed very quickly the change of atmosphere as well to this crossover. In contrast to the other two, I don’t remember nearly enough moments where they weren’t taking themselves too seriously. It was priceless to see what Oliver’s experience is like when he is around people who are more endearing that his usual crowd. He felt awkward, and he felt out of place. I don’t think it will ever get old seeing his expression coming to terms with the feeling of having powers. It was also cool that all of this is still going on during the current storyline for each of these shows. The world was still turning even if some pieces were shifted around. By the end of that scene for Oliver, you have to give them credit for the fact that certain heroes are aware of these changes. This could have happened a number of different ways, but for the sake of timing it was smart that a sense of awareness could guide this plot from hero to hero.

Barry didn’t wake up as Oliver, but he sure as heck got the same wake-up call. It was fun to see what he thought of life as the Green Arrow. It was all serious business and he certainly found out the hard way that its harder to let your guard down when you can’t slow everything down around you. When he ran into Oliver, things mellowed out a bit, but only enough that this situation could actually sink in for the two. One is still going through some sensitive troubles on his end, the other has things going to great to lose it all so randomly. When they weren’t being playful, there was a great balance to the urgency to fix things.

Now this first episode truly felt commendable when we could get around to all three heroes and not be halfway through the episode. What brought them to Kara was a reason you couldn’t argue with. What brought them to both Kara and Clark at the same time was even better. It wasn’t a stretch for this possibility to happen considering Kara is no longer working with the DEO. That conveniently frees her time to spend it with other people. Before they all caught up with each other, it was worth having this time for Kara and Clark to finally reconnect after the time that he has been off Earth. A great actor who has filled in the role for tv, and hope that his role in this crossover event meets the hype.

The danger that brought them together and back to Earth-1 was an amazing start to the event. I understand how bad of a pun that sounds, but at least I wasn’t using the name of the villain as well for the sake of spoilers. Anyways, it was amazing because this was one hell of a team-up put together. Barry and Oliver may not have mastered what the other could do, but it was just enough for a convincing clash against this titan of a foe. We’ve had some juggernauts thrown at our heroes before, but this one tops a good majority in size, raw power, and capability. It required some thinking outside of the box that deserved some recognition for a superhero show. I just hope that given this plot, Supergirl isn’t lacking in the part she will play due to the other two trying to get their lives back. This is still a crucial time for Supergirl given the current storyline in her own series.

What also deserves some recognition is the effects used for this event. Obviously there are some things they simply can’t perfect, but other things looked great. Especially the CGI for said enemy introduced in this episode. That was very cool for the level of detail and how it didn’t pop out too much as something inhuman.

The Flash “Elseworlds, Part 1” is leaps ahead of what the other two crossovers had to offer in the first night. So much ground was covered, so much given clarity to, and so much fun experienced from heroes seeing the other side of the grass. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more than what we got here, for the most part. To wrap up the first episode, there was an excellent set-up for the next destination that you don’t want to miss.

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