The Flash “Goldfaced” Review


Last week’s episode of The Flash was just the right kick that this storyline needed to take another leap towards solving the problem that is Cicada. Everything had come together which for once gave us something to look forward to where the end game was hard to picture before. This includes being able to see where everyone else might begin to start asking the right questions about the things that Nora’s keeping secret.

It was a roller coaster of emotions putting Nora and Sherloque together. After the events of last week’s episode, it only made sense that Nora would begin clinging to Sherloque to make sure he didn’t get too far in his investigation. Adding that fear from her was the right choice since Nora has been growing too comfortable in what she has been able to enjoy about this experience with her parents. This forced Nora to create a lot of awkward moments, sincere moments, even humorous because she is trying so hard without raising any red flags that she is looking for distractions. While there was a method to Nora’s madness this week, this was not a time to overlook the opportunity we were all presented to better understand Sherloque. It’s not as if we were never able to take him seriously up to this point, but there was neither much that we knew about him aside from what is on the surface. Seeing how flawed he can be and how that haunts him was the perfect way to add depth. By the end of the episode I was admittedly a bit troubled that they took a route which makes it seem as thought they want to play the long game with Nora’s secret.

Another Barry and Ralph dynamic is always appreciated. You couldn’t put together two who embrace their roles as heroes more. This time around they kept things fresh by surrounding these two with a very different atmosphere than what they are used to. What we knew ahead of time is that they would be mixing it up with some shady characters for some mission. The only question was what would bring them to such a place, and how they would react to what they are exposed to. For Ralph there wasn’t much to worry about, but Barry was a whole different story. I didn’t mind seeing Barry having that one moment to slip up and get in his own way. He has a code which he lives by, which would make it very difficult to look the other way to corruption around him. This created the kind of suspense where you were simply waiting for where things would go wrong. That didn’t shock me one bit. What did just so happened to be the action scene which showcased what these two are capable of when they aren’t relying on their powers. That was impressive and honestly I can appreciate episodes where costumes aren’t necessary.

This week Iris takes big steps in getting her new paper up and running. Getting back to doing what she does best was probably the best move that they have made for her in a good while. Playing leader to Team Flash wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t where Iris excelled best. Being a journalist and connecting us to the world around these characters matters more than realized. The only problem of course is that this leads to Iris making some predictable moves for the sake of being bold, but that is something you have to accept in order for her to ease into this role. It worked better that she could even put herself out there and not be the damsel in distress. That is a great change in contrast to the situations she got herself into before. With that said, it was also chilling considering she got this close to Cicada without knowing how aware he could be of who she is.

Bigger leaps were taken with this cure as well. While I am still very skeptical about this storyline, it was good to see that they aren’t trying to slow down on the progress. Well, maybe just a bit since for some reason there was a certain lack of Cisco present this week when he is the one who has been pushing harder than most to make this cure a reality.

The Flash “Goldfaced” delivered a new exploration of the black market that more gives Amunet Black a run for her money. Goldface is a whole different kind of monster who challenged Barry and Ralph like none other. Team Flash also proved that they are willing to go some lengths in order to stop Cicada. For the best of course when as I’ve said before, this second half of the season is where they need to crank up the intensity.

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