The Flash Season 5 Premiere “Nora” Review


Season 4 of The Flash was exciting, but it also wasn’t one without its fair share of problems. I was wary of what we had to look forward to. I give them credit that they let the dust settle in order to set up the proper introduction of Nora. Even if there wasn’t that one big plot to anticipate, there was at least a twist which would once again challenge everything sane in the Flash’s corner of the world.

I’m not going to lie, the introduction to Nora was well worth the wait. I wasn’t sure on a lot of things this season, but I knew that I had this to look forward to. Her personality was instantly refreshing in contrast to the others on Team Flash. Maybe because she comes off like a fanboy/girl as most of us would be, despite being Barry/Iris’ daughter, but it was easy to step in her shoes for a minute. The reaction from everyone else quickly sells you on the moment. There was shock, but at the same time this isn’t the only crazy experience they have had with time travel or with the impossible in general. Her quirkiness worked wonders between everything she knew about the future and the very things we know to be true from the comics. They did not hold back when it came down to the hero that the Flash is built up to be in her time. Now her range as they also addressed her situation was equally as impressive. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone in a moment of distress and the reason not be trivial. It wasn’t the normal cliche of this show which is not something you would ignore. I surely wouldn’t after the cringeworthy habits of Barry himself last season.

It was interesting how Nora interacted with Barry versus Iris. There are things that not even I am aware of when it comes to Nora because there are only ever certain times when I am invested in those books. So it quickly jumps out at you when you see her fangirling half of the time and awkward the other half. It fills you with questions that could only be answered at the cost of possibly disrupting the timeline. When the truth was revealed to her strangeness with them, I felt something real which was shocking. This wasn’t going to be the first time that this story wasn’t building up to some inevitable fixed point in time, but this time around there was actually more to just that point which mattered. When Iris was destined to die, everything was about just stopping that one moment before it came. However, this time around they took a different route where simply knowing that fixed point sent shockwaves where reflection could be taken upon how much normal Barry can have in this life, and how much he can give. Its a harsh reality of being a superhero that they have shine a light on, and I hope it only gets deeper from here.

I was almost pretty quick to say that in this season premiere that it was a problem that there wasn’t too much transitional for Team Flash. It was a bit hard not to say that the Nora problem didn’t overshadow just about everything else. I mean how could you get excited for anything that wasn’t dealing with this sweet girl and her opportunity to meet her parents in their prime? When I was able to finish the episode and truly process the events of this hour, it became easier to accept that they did right by us this season. The worst thing you could do for these characters at this point is backtrack. Too many times they will find themselves written in a box that makes them stagnate. Barry is usually the prime suspect here and for once that was not the case here. He was moving forward with his normal life since Devo’s interference was put to an end. He was back to playing the role of hero now that he wasn’t focused on just taking down one guy. He now had his daughter standing in front of him and could look to the future instead of the past.

What villain they chose to introduce for this episode was a solid choice. This wasn’t a big time villain, but the way they used this one was nonetheless exciting. The power translated very well on-screen, and created the right kind of situation to challenge someone who fights up-close. What feat of strength that had to be accomplished to stop this guy was worth everything in-between.

How they proceeded to work Caitlin’s story into this was a struggle to feel invested in. They’ve almost dragged her story at this point. I have to agree with some at this point that they clearly hit a wall last season trying to figure out where she belongs as someone with two personalities and powers. At this point, I would rather them hold off until they can give us an entire episode dedicated to just fleshing her character out and cutting to the chase on whether she can become Killer Frost again or not. I like the character, and simply hope they can figure out what the future holds for her before it’s too late.

The Flash season 5 premiere gives you some hope for this series this year. It’s too soon to say if they will do better than last season, but they are already on the right track with a plot that is more appealing, and an approach to these characters that isn’t taking steps back.

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