The Flash Season Finale “We Are the Flash” Review


***Spoiler Warning***

I have to say that this season of The Flash has been a mixed bag. They introduced a good number of creative characters with interesting meta abilities. It stung to be introduced to a fun character like Elastic Man only to lose him, and that was only the start of realizing some troubles with this season. Particularly when they try hard to make up for the lack of appeal in Barry himself by giving everyone else big storylines which eventually was a bit too much going on at once. Even the title of this finale was troublesome when they are still pushing this “We Are the Flash” angle. That is a lazy way of fighting the box they wrote Barry into when he spends a lot of time with his head up his own posterior.

Getting that out-of-the-way, we are now brought to the final confrontation with DeVoe. I’m just glad that at the very least, they jumped straight into the thick of this escalation of events. The Flash is at its best when they table the “CW Drama” and get back to the things you tune into this show for. Namely saving the day and saving the world. In this case they jumped straight to he chase when also quickly addressing who the team get from who is so surprising. Admittedly it was surprising since for a situation like this one would assume that a more powerful ally might be called upon to tip the scales in their favor. The other ally they run into? Now that was a treat since this was the one character I personally attached myself to from the start. Nonetheless the right person for the job since as they say, the requirement was for a scalpel and not the chainsaw. I’m sure we can all appreciate that they can go big without creating the need to drag other big established heroes into the mix.

Where this new plan of theirs to stop DeVoe takes them was creative. When everything else fails, this was the time to show what happens when they think outside the box. The obstacles they faced in doing so were actually executed very well. What started out as a LONG game of cat and mouse throughout this season finally evolved into a confrontation where they could meet DeVoe on equal grounds. The appeal when that time came and after was the show finally taking a moment to embrace a comic book approach to action. It was silly, it was over-the-top, and it was the best of both worlds between Flash and who he had by his side. As far as villains go when everything was said and done, I was satisfied to see that nothing ended the same as before. There was redemption, and something genuine to take from all that happened. Very different from what always came down to killing the villain(s).

As for DeVoe, he definitely has been one of the better interpretations of a villain in the series. I will give credit that he serves as a reminder that the heroes can fail, and the villain can win. Maybe not win in the end, but surely not be the kind of villain who goes down by trivial means. At the end of the day, he forced them to engage him by learning from their experiences. Something you don’t get everyday from the Arrowverse shows. They become creatures of habit very easily, but this time around they had no option but to get creative as it was all or nothing against this madman.

Now the use of Cecil was also surprising since I wasn’t too on board with their decision at first to prolong her labor until the finale. A bit too convenient if you ask me, when it could have been more organic and hit us when we least expected. Beyond this, it was something to overlook when they made her power once again relevant to helping the cause. The clock was ticking of course for how long she could hold on to these powers, but that added to the sense of urgency we needed to have at this stage. The relevance they gave to Wells as well worked to a degree. His actions helped overlook the fact that they almost once again were tossing the character out. Some might argue that the cast of the Flash is getting to big, but the way things could have ended with Wells, that would have been a both a cop-out and slap in the face to his development up to this point.

The mystery of this new speedster as well pops up again in a way no one saw coming. A tease that I feel dragged on a bit too long, but the moment at the end made the wait worth it. I feel like I anticipate what exploring this twist has in store for team Flash than most of what went on this season outside of meeting the bus metas.

The Flash season finale “We Are the Flash” for the most part I would say is one of the better episodes this season. There was a struggle seeing this one through to the end because the writing was a bit all over the place, and characters could not help falling into the same cycles without growth. This one episode squashed a lot of those problems, even if just for one episode. If more episodes of the Flash were like this finale, the sky would be the limit for it.

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