The Flash “Seeing Red” Review


After the midseason premiere last week, some wheels started turning that should make this second half of the season very interesting. For the Arrowverse, it’s not too shocking that one of these shows would take that step towards a cure for metas. Not too shocking either that Nora would have some secrets about this chance she got to travel to the past. These are bold developments on top of everything else that Team Flash is dealing with. The hope is that the end justifies everything they are throwing at us to make this a better season than the last.

Going back to what I said above about the cure for metas, there’s something that does need to be addressed before we go any deeper into this plotline. This is something that could have been done at any time, but for a show like The Flash? It’s simply not earned yet. Who are we curing? People who abuse their powers because they’re consumed by the things they can get away with? Where are the regular people who actually deal with being meta and different? It hurts this storyline that the only people who can truly benefit from this are on Team Flash. This show denies us of many opportunities to explore metas who use their powers for good. If there was enough to count on your hand, then maybe I could say that this is a conversation worth having.

For the second episode returning, it was good to see Cicada back again. However, from the start of the story getting back to him, we circle back to what is mentioned above. We apparently have so many metas running around this city, but we are meant to believe that all of them have to be bad? The two who he took out did have it coming, that much I will admit. Yet that was still just two more who took these gifts and used them irresponsibly. I want to see what happens when there is someone who doesn’t deserve it. Till then, for this week it just so happened to be Nora who serves as that innocent soul. I’m not going to lie, it hit hard to see what kind of damage this guy could do to someone who he has drained. The best case scenario is that he finishes you off where you stand. The worst case scenario is that he does something to you that you can’t recover from because of the dark matter he floods you with.

Everything that followed Nora’s severe injury was met with intensity and urgency. If Team Flash wasn’t working hard enough to capture him before, now they were hit with a reason to take this situation a bit more seriously. The reaction alone from Barry set the right kind of mood when even he has been very relaxed this season. He has had his moments of seriousness, but the stakes in this fight were not at the personal level that you are used to. Now with that said, would I say that we don’t need a happy Barry? Not at all, but we are at that point in the season where it is time to kick things up a notch. Normally you would see this as the start to a series of bad decisions, but it gave us some well execution scenes where he and some other stepped up to the plate. Cecil once again proved that she was not someone to discount for what her powers bring to the table. The same could be said for Killer Frost as well since we are dealing with a bunch of villains who need a firm hand to guide them.

Killer Frost’s consistent interference with Caitlin’s work on the cure wasn’t a bad layer to add to this plotline. I found it more engaging to see things from her perspective. Caitlin may not be out to get rid of Killer Frost, but that doesn’t mean that fear can’t be stirred from something that can get rid of her even if used by someone else. There are so many ways that things can go wrong dealing with a cure like that, so there was some understanding in this string of interference and the interactions Killer Frost has with those who continue to open her eyes about being a meta. The fact alone that she continues to be an asset against Cicada is fun for the action alone. I just hope that they will allow her to let loose a bit more in time.

It has been a slow crawl, but this investigation of Sherloque’s has been worth following for this being someone who is able to ask the right questions about things that everyone else overlook. Namely when it comes to Nora and what she is keeping from everyone else. He may have his obstacles to get the answers, but for now just asking the right questions is something to appreciate.

The Flash “Seeing Red” I have to say is one of the strongest episodes of this season. I love the main cast, but not enough to say that the supporting cast doesn’t add so much more depth to this story. Excellent character moments, action, and focus on characters who we never got to see in this kind of light.

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