The Flash “The Icicle Cometh” Review


***Spoiler Warning***

Last week’s episode of The Flash “All Doll’d Up” was exciting, and it was at the same time heartwarming. This season is already miles ahead of the previous in quality for the focus that the writers and showrunners have put into the characters themselves. They should never play second chair to the story and plot. Not when they all have so much more room to grow and become more like their comic counterparts in their own right.

For this week, I was happy that there was nothing between us and Caitlin finally getting to an end game in the search for her father. I have made it no secret that I was not confident in the direction this was taking us. As others would say, it did not feel as though they knew what they were doing with Caitlin and Killer Frost. I personally could not connect with this struggle she kept throwing herself into to get the answers she needed. What kept your interest was the company she was able to keep every step of the way. This time around that would be Cisco and Barry. It was fitting that it would be these two for the last stretch. Cisco for better or for worse is always doing what’s best for a friend, and Barry himself has his moments when he can be the voice of reason. Barry importantly stood out to me because this was a great example of his growth that some of the “talks” aren’t just given to him.

Finding her father and the build-up in suspense to what kept him away was excellent. You could understand the joy she felt, the defensiveness to hold on to this joy, and the pain you knew that she was going to feel once she realized that there was much more to this reunion than she hoped. Her father had a great role to play in this too. He was caring, he had a strong story to tell, and the right responses that would have easily made it difficult to challenge what was truth or lie. Even the name drop for Mr. Freeze was a great touch. When the time came for revelation, the execution of that scene was perfect. We came to understand how Killer Frost came to be, why she couldn’t be accessed, and much more. I think it is safe to say that the role Killer Frost had to play here gave us one of the best action sequences of the season. A big improvement on the make-up, transformation, and the use of ice.

I have to say that Sherloque, Iris, and Nora working on a lead to find Cicada was a nice change from what was originally Ralph and Sherloque consistently stepping on each other’s toes. Throwing Iris into the mix was refreshing since neither she or Nora are much for his shenanigans. There was a great balance to keep the investigation on track without bending to his whimsical needs. As for the mother-daughter bonding, that actually fit in naturally. Wasn’t really forced as you expect that a kid will latch on to the parent who grabs their attention most. After the events of “All Doll’d Up”, of course that would be Iris. What they accomplished together was clever considering the trick that Nora was able to take advantage of that Iris knew best to teach.

Ralph and Cecil working together on their end was not at all what I was prepared for, but this was her time to step up when Mr. West is not currently available for filming at this time. It was definitely Cecil who took the driving wheel for the better part of this storyline, and I couldn’t argue with it. We’ve seen her struggle to adapt to being a mother again, but that also had to come with something that she could have neglected in the process. It was good to see what she could offer given her profession. She can be just as formidable as Joe in a professional setting and proved it with a lot of energy and fun put into it at the same time.

Like Caitlin, Cicada also takes on a bigger role. I was impressed that both he and Caitlin/Killer Frost had memorable moments of action. Both came and went pretty fast, but neither lacked the quality in choreography and effects. That aside, it was cool to see a bit more of him behind the mask. With each passing week we understand his motivation a bit more. His daughter knocked into a coma is one thing, but getting into his head to grasp the way that he blames metas was a bigger step to take forward. I only worry that they will drag the mystery of the pain he suffers from too long. At some point soon they will need to really dive into the way that this version of Cicada’s powers work. Mostly the way that it is specifically costly to himself.

The Flash “The Icicle Cometh” was well worth the wait for anyone who wanted to see a return from Killer Frost that created more possibilities for the duo than what was offered before. This was also a thrilling hour for those who wanted a bit more out of Cicada as well. This guy gives you chills in every scene where he proves to be a man on a mission. It makes you wonder what will come of this war becoming personal now that Team Flash is aware of their target.

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