The Gifted “calaMity” Review


They really chose one heck of a time to leave us hanging after the events of The Gifted “teMpted”. This time around it wasn’t the fault of anyone with the show, but this definitely has been one time more than you wanted to go a week without this airing. With that said, here we are with a new episode that shakes things up when both Lorna and Marcos have played a deadly hand for the sake of bringing chaos to Reeva’s plans. A decision among others that we look forward to immediate responses to.

“calaMity” is definitely the best word to describe what happened this week. Everyone had their dose of chaos which caught them off guard. Since Blink broke off from the others to join the Morlocks, we have seen more of them than we have ever seen in the series so far. Not a bad thing, but clearly they were building up to the Morlocks having something bigger happen to them in the near future. Unfortunate for them that this just so happened to be that week. I’ll admit that there was some cool things about what they experienced this week such as seeing a lot more unique faces matched with some interesting powers. However, this didn’t change the fact that like the Mutant Underground, it is hard to see what the end game is for this group of people. At this point we should genuinely be able to answer what they are fighting for. Where things have become stagnate for the Mutant Underground, things became too consistent for the Morlocks. This recent development for them didn’t do any favors when now they are just like everyone in the sense that no one is safe.

Maybe this season they are trying to push everyone to that point where war is the only option for survival, but there has to be a better way of going about it than what has been given to us so far. Now some could say that the Inner Circle hasn’t been going anywhere drastic, but they at least always have a plan set in motion. Even if nothing is happening significant, you consistently have Reeva making sure that this and that is going according to her plan to move her pieces into place. Her plan is the only thing that grabs you for the sense of mystery. For everything else, we need to see more direction. With that said, the disappearance of Max was a good way of shaking things up within the Inner Circle. Apparently not even they can go without their own obstacles. It was a whole different atmosphere to step into considering the tension which exists among a lot of these characters. Withholding truths, differing goals, a lot of power players who don’t like to be seen as weak. Simply a recipe for disaster where just about anything can happen between them.

Now the situation with Lauren did get a bit dramatic, but this was one of those times where the writing for the Struckers was commendable for the meaning put into their words. It mattered that they were aware enough to discuss what was obviously a problem with her powers. This raised a lot of new questions about the family’s powers and challenges what can still go wrong. Especially when a serum is not a permanent solution to keeping Lauren in control. As for Caitlin, she did have a moment in this episode too. It was shocking, but definitely the kind of move you brace yourself for when there’s only so much that someone like her can offer a mission when being the only human.

For once it wasn’t really the Purifier story that I was troubled by most. What I like about this storyline so far is that there does seem to be some redemption to Jace. Maybe nothing that you can see on the surface, but they always find these clever ways of showing where he draws the line in comfort towards what he is tasked with doing. He’s working with ticking time bombs who act out of hate. The kind of hate that leads them to working some questionable jobs. The reaction from Jace alone by the end of this episode said a lot about his progressive understanding of what he is really doing to this group of people.

The flashback for this episode was more crucial than most. You would have never expected to discover that such a questionable deal was struck between Reeva and a certain someone who you would never trust to work with mutants. What this led to versus what it can still lead to was one of the high points of this episode. Who knows what goes through the mind of Reeva now, but she is not someone afraid of cracking a few eggs to get what she wants.

Overall, The Gifted “calaMity” left me with a lot of mixed feelings. In some areas there has been improvements to the story, but they can’t improve in one area and slack off in the other. For this to be a proper war for the future, all sides have to have to actually be seen as contenders. Right now all I see is Inner Circle and Purifiers. What stung most is that they stripped us of one of the most interesting characters by the end of the episode. Not only for what this character stood for, but for what unique power they have offered to this point as well.

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