The Gifted “hoMe” Review


Big wheels finally started turning last week. A lot of things happening that we were too far in the season to still tip-toe around. The situation turning dire for the Mutant Underground foremost. Then of course there is finally getting around to someone trying to figure out the endgame of Reeva. Her endgame is only as interesting as what she is willing to do to get to that point. Plenty of other things as well that needed to pick up in pacing and risk.

Evangeline’s last-ditch effort to propose a risky plan that would involve mutants from all across the country to unite in one place was one heck of a way to get things going. It was inevitable actually when it would make no sense for there to be no response to the Purifier’s actions. “Going Dark” isn’t the answer we are used to from the world of the X-Men. The build-up to this summit was full of suspense because there’s no telling how this will play out, or if it will even happen. At this stage in the war, it seems that the writers also have a thing for putting the Mutant Underground in a corner as the underdogs. A troublesome box to be placed in when there will always be a cycle of failings and just barely successes. Who they managed to get involved in this was a good way of shaking this up. That is despite it making little difference in the outcome of the summit. A predictable outcome, though it was good to see how these stories are beginning to overlap.

After the events of last week’s episode, I found myself also troubled by the way that Caitlin’s character makes decisions. As I’ve said, some characters have a tendency to get in their own way. For most of this series she is right at the top of the list of those characters. Her actions this week were no different when devising her own risky mission that could change everything if it ends up blowing up in her face. Lauren working with Caitlin brought out a different side to Lauren that we haven’t seen in quite some time. It was a short moment, but worth it before things got serious. You knew they would, but it was the how which mattered most. That was exciting since there was an eventuality to us seeing Lauren in action with a better level of understanding in what she is capable of with her powers.

As for Lauren and Andy? I actually enjoyed the way that their continued disagreements about their missions escalate. At the end of the day it seems that this will be leading up to a war between just those two, and it may be worth the way for the progress getting to that point. Especially when both of these two forces clashing are consistently getting stronger as the days pass by. This goes double for Lauren who gives you the chills for the way that she has been overcome by the same motivations as her grandparents. Also being able to see the way this connection works for Reed was welcomed for the contrast in effect that this power has on their family.

How they approached Lorna secretly trying to investigate Reeva’s plans for the Inner Circle was terrifying for the way that anything could go wrong if caught. It was dangerous to ask too many questions, or to interfere either directly or indirectly. The atmosphere was set here where you had to play your part, or you were in the way. We’ve seen this kind of skepticism from Andy in the past, but he is young and  impressionable. For Lorna, it helped being someone more powerful and aggressive in getting the answers that she wants. The few walls she hit got the blood pumping when at the same time she was hit with a confirmation of how dangerous it is to work with Reeva. This is a great way to hype up Reeva as the big bad since it is hard to see anyone who is more powerful than Lorna.

Flashbacks have pretty much become a thing at this point, which I have gotten used to by now despite my stance on reliance to add depth to a story. Once again we take a trip to the past with Blink, and it was a chilling scene for what she experienced. In contrast to the others, she definitely went through the most growing up. It’s the kind of perspective you need in this story to take us deeper into the mutant problem from a street level. It connected very well to the overall plot of the Mutant Underground and where this new mission of theirs went wrong. Because when does anything really go right for these guys?

The Gifted “hoMe” led us down a lot of paths where you knew what was going to happen before it happened. Fortunately, that didn’t stop a lot of this story from being engaging and action-packed while reaching that point. As they say, it is the experience of the journey that sticks with you more than anything else.

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